FutureScope 2016 hosted by Dublin BIC - 31st May 2016

Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) is hosting FutureScope 2016, the annual tech event that is designed to bring start-ups, scale-up ups and multinationals together – with the purpose of creating business opportunities.

As well as a strong stage presence from multinationals such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Vodafone, Cisco and Ryanair, FutureScope will play host to an impressive line up of growth stage companies – those that are scaling in fast moving global environments.  These start-up success stories, including Stripe, Brownbag Films, Movidius, KonnectAgain and MooCall, will have a role on the main stage and in offstage panels which will run all day on specified verticals that include; IoT, Fintech, Data Analytics and the Future World.  For a list of confirmed speakers to date please see www.futurescope.ie.