Priming and Business Expansion Grants

Priming support is a business start-up grant to help fund the cost of starting a small business in South Dublin. It is for new businesses within the first 18 months after startup. Business Expansion support ( also referred to as Business Development support) is for businesses established and trading for more than 18 months. The Local Enterprise Office support in each project is strictly limited by the amount of eligible expenditure incurred ( max 50%).

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The overall maximum support is €80,000. In general, the level of funding will also relate to the level of employment provided in the short to medium term. Eligible costs are:

  • Capital Items - equipment, fittings, hardware & software. Mobile assets are excluded ( cars, vans, mobile phones)
  • Salary costs - for the first year of employment
  • Rental / Accommodation costs - where the cost is not already subsidised through State investment in the premises
  • Utility Set-Up costs - such as the installation of power, phone, and broadband
  • Marketing costs - including packaging design, brochures, trade fairs, websites and the adaption of these for export markets
  • Consultancy costs such as design fees, legal costs, accountancy, legal and architects fees
  • Business-specific training - specialised training for management and key personnel that is necessary for the development of the business and not generally available from South Dublin LEO.


To qualify for any of these funding supports, all projects must have the potential to be commercially viable within a reasonable time-frame, employ 10 or less and must be located within South Dublin County. Priority is given to manufacturing and internationally traded service projects (for details download ITS).

Projects in the following sectors cannot be supported financially:

  • Professional services
  • Construction & Allied Trades
  • Retailing & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Alternative Therapies & Complementary Medicine

However non - financial supports are available to businesses in these sectors.

How to Apply

All applications to be made through Links below.

Application for Priming Grant

Application for Business Expansion Grant

It is important to contact a business advisor for guidance before you submit your application form. Telephone 01-414 9000 for more information.

The Process

It is necessary to meet with a business advisor following the submission of your application. Once the application is considered to meet all the application criteria, it will be considered at the next meeting of our Evaluation and Approvals Committee.

Capability Development

Clients are strongly encouraged to participate in the various business and management skills development offered by the Local Enterprise Office including the Mentor Programme