Grow Your Business

Business growth can be achieved by focussing on making improvements in one or more areas of your business. Local Enterprise Office South Dublin can help you with information or assistance in most of these areas.

These are the key tasks:

Develop a clear strategy for growth and a practical plan to achieve it.

  • A mentor is usually appointed to clients who receive funding from the Local Enterprise Office (LEO).
  • If you have not (yet) received funding, you can still apply for a Mentor to help you to research and draft a strategic growth plan for your business
  • Read some of the articles concerned with Business Strategy and Business Planning in our Advice Articles section
  • Join our Plato business development network programme

Innovate to create new or improved products and services that give you a real competitive advantage

  • Apply for our Feasibility Study Grant when available, which can be used to fund market research and prototype development. 
  • Apply for a Mentor to help you to develop new products and services.

Improve your marketing to build close relationships with your customers

Increase the efficiency and quality of your operations and systems

  • Apply for a Mentor to help you to improve business processes.

Build a skilled and motivated workforce

Manage your finances to ensure minimum cost and maximum return while providing the right funding for your growth.