Start a Business

Here are the key steps to starting your own business. Under each step we have listed the information and services that are available from this site and from the Local Enterprise Office South Dublin to help you accomplish that step.

Research the market thoroughly and objectively, including an analysis of competitive strengths and weaknesses

Design the product or service, concentrating on Quality/value and uniqueness

  • The Local Enterprise Office South Dublin offers financial support which can be used to fund prototype development
  • Apply for a Business Mentor to help you plan and manage your product development

Write a comprehensive and practical business plan that deals with all of the critical success factors

Source and secure the required resources (finance, premises, equipment, materials and personnel)

  • Check out the brochure on our Financial Support Services
  • Apply for Financial Support, download the Application Form
  • Establish the appropriate legal framework and financial controls (including all the necessary certificates and registrations)
  • Apply for a Business Mentor to help you set up good financial controls
  • Watch our Training & Events section for courses on financial management and credit control

Launch the business with maximum publicity

  • Apply for a Mentor to help you plan and implement the promotion of your business
  • Watch our Events section for courses on "Expanding your Business Image"