The GradStart is an Enterprise Ireland initiative which offers support to companies to hire up to three graduates at any one time, for a graduate contract duration of two years. It is a broad-based graduate placement across all disciplines and sectors.

The GradStart programme is open to LEO South Dublin clients employing 5 or more people.

Terms of the scheme include the following: 

  • Qualifications – graduates must have a recognised qualification not less than Level 6 on the National Vocational Qualifications Framework, or recognised equivalent, or a postgraduate degree not less than Level 9 on the National Vocational Qualifications Framework, or equivalent and must have graduated within the last four years.
  • Graduates may work in any area of the business excluding roles related to sales and marketing activities.  

Company benefits:

  • Facilitate companies to effectively compete for graduate talent.
  • Utilise graduates to help deliver defined company projects and embed capability and/or support the company achieve its goals.
  • Improve the skills base and competence available in the business.
  • Employment grant support for up to 3 graduates at any one time.

Graduate benefits:

  • A wide range of placement opportunities in indigenous growth-oriented client companies.
  • Work on delivery of a practical project with a company over a minimum 24-month placement.
  • Dedicated in-company mentor support during the programme.

Application process:

  • Full information on the scheme including the application process can be found HERE!