The South Dublin Local Enterprise Office works in close co-operation with a range of partners in carrying out its role of economic development and micro-enterprise support:

South Dublin County Council

The South Dublin County Council is the local authority for the area.

It has wide ranging responsibilities including economic development, planning, housing, roads, environmental and community services. The County Council takes a leading role in the South Dublin County Development Board, which developed a strategic plan for the economic, social and cultural development of the county. It also has a Strategic Policy committee on enterprise by which it consults with local interests on its own enterprise-related policies and actions. The County Council has joined with the Board and other local organisations in developing five new purpose built incubation centres in different parts of the county. Four elected Councillors represent the Council on the South Dublin County Enterprise Board.


FAS is the national training authority in Ireland and implements a wide range of human resource development and labour market initiatives. In addition to two major training centres - one in Cookstown, Tallaght and the other just across the county boundary in Ballyfermot - FAS also provides a "Services to Industry" programme, including training incentives and networking. FAS is represented on the South Dublin County Enterprise Board and on its Evaluation committee.

CPLN Area Partnership

CPLN Area Partnership is a local development company creating local solutions to national problems. Partnerships are supported under the South Eastern Regional Operational Programme of the National Development Plan 2007-2013. It serves Clondalkin, Palmerstown and Lucan area.
Its functions are to bring together the community, statutory and social partner sectors; to draw up a local development plan aimed at countering disadvantage; and to support and monitor the implementation of the agreed plan.

The Board of the Partnership identified seven focuses for its local development strategy: employment and training; enterprise and job creation; childcare; community development; environment and infrastructure; youth; and education. The local development plan of the Partnership details a range of strategies within each of these action areas. They are:childcare, community Development, Education, Enterprise & Employment, Environment, Equality and Youth.

Dodder Valley Partnership

Dodder Valley Partnership is a local and community development company in South Dublin. It works to create sustainable & vibrant communities, particularly with people experiencing poverty and exclusion. It covers the area of Tallaght and other parts of South Dublin including Saggart and Rathcoole.
The partnership develops projects and services to create sustainable and vibrant communities. Work is organised in four broad themes: Lifelong learning; Employment; Sustainable Communities and Positive Action.


Partas is a community-based provider of enterprise support for start-up, micro and small firms in the Tallaght area, specifically sole traders and self employed individuals; both start-up and existing businesses in operation 3 years or less.

Partas provide management services for four publicly owned enterprise centres in the Tallaght area and have also participated with the Board and other organisations in the funding for these centres. Its other services include separate consultancy businesses involved in training and marketing consultancy, mentoring and advisory programmes, gender specific enterprise programmes for women, social auditing and social economy development.

Partas are represented on the Board as part of the Local Development panel. It also delivers the Board’s Enterprise Training in the Community programme, identifying, designing, recruiting and delivering pre-and post start-up training in the Tallaght and surrounding areas.

Action Community Enterprise

Action Community Enterprise is involved in providing incubator workspace in 6 units in Neilstown and 46 units in the Bawnogue Enterprise Centre. It aims to increase access to enterprise supports locally.

Action Community Enterprise offers client services, advisory services for the Back to Work Allowance Scheme and a social economy development programme.

Action Community Enterprise is a member of the Local Development panel and represented on the Board. It also deliver the Board’s Enterprise Training in the Community programme, identifying, designing, recruiting and delivering pre-and post start-up training in the Clondalkin and surrounding areas.

South Dublin Chamber

South Dublin Chamber prides itself on being a proactive, development orientated business organisation. The focus of activities is aimed at promoting, encouraging and facilitating investment in the local economy at all levels. Their aim is the maintenance of existing employment and the creation of new jobs.

The Chamber is dedicated to influencing local authorities, public bodies and government departments to create, maintain and improve a business-friendly environment and infrastructure in the area. It also provides a network of effective services to improve the competitive advantage of the business community and attract new business and investment in the area.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland works to assist larger and high potential Irish companies to build capability, innovate, grow, create new partnerships and reach international customers. They also support ambitious start-up companies and build industry-academic links for technological innovation. In addition, they help international buyers to find Irish suppliers and assist overseas food, drink and timber companies to set up in Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland is represented on both the Evaluation Committee and the Board. Through its Community Enterprise Space fund, Enterprise Ireland have participated with the Board in funding 5 enterprise incubation centres throughout the county.

Both organisations are also active members of the South Dublin County Development Board and in particular, its Economic Development sub-committee.

IDA Ireland

IDA's objective is to contribute to Ireland's economic development: specifically its role is to attract foreign-owned manufacturing and internationally traded services companies to invest in Ireland.

Its mission is:

  • To win new investment projects into Ireland from overseas companies.
  • To stimulate and support expansion of the existing base of overseas subsidiaries in Ireland.
  • To achieve the most effective distribution of development across the country with a specific focus on the Border, Midlands and Western Regions.

IDA also has a special function in promoting the International Financial Services Centre as a location for specialised financial services operating in international markets.

County Development Board

The County Development Board includes representation from all organisations working on various aspects of the development of the county at a national and local level. It has developed a strategy to realise the county's full economic, social and cultural potential. This strategy contains objectives and actions in the areas of culture, economic development, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure and security.

The Board is represented on the CDB by its Chair and CEO and actively participates in the work of the Economic Development Sub-committee.

Fingal Leader Partnership

Fingal Leader Partnership ( formally Rural Dublin Leader Company Ltd) implements LEADER programmes in the rural areas of Fingal, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and South Dublin. It plans and implements a series of linking actions to develop the rural economy of its areas. It also works to stimulate innovative measures by those in all sectors of rural activity for the preservation and improvement of the rural environment.

Dublin Tourism

Dublin Tourism is the state sponsored agency with responsibility for the marketing and promotion of tourism in the Dublin region. It is a state appointed, non profit (commercial) agency with a membership of more than 1300 businesses.

Dublin Tourism's membership consists of Dublin's leading tourism related organisations and companies. Dublin Tourism operates six Tourist Information and Reservations Centres which are open 364 days a year. Dublin Tourism Enterprises operate seven day visitor attractions. It is represented on the Board.

TU Dublin

TU Dublin is the third level college for the technological university for the Dublin region. Its colleges include Engineering, Science and Business & Humanities.

The institute developed the campus based Synergy Centre and enterprise development programes which aims to develop high potential entrepreneurs through programmes of lectures, mentoring and incubation services.