Export Development Programme

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Export Development Programme

Workshop Dates: TBC

Time: 10am - 11.30am

Cost: €20

Book a Place: TBC

Aimed at: Businesses who have a strong track record of Domestic Sales who have a product or service which may have Export potential but the business has little or no experience of exporting.

Programme Objective:

This is a two workshop & two mentoring session programme which aims to provide insights into exporting and the online tools to research and ‘test’ the potential of
of product or service in a cost effective way.

Workshop 1:

Introductory talk on Exporting Opportunities This introductory talk will help you understand the basics of the exporting process and will provide you with guidance from successful exporting companies. We will discuss the opportunities available to you and how you can use online tools to identify and create customer leads. Participants will be shown a set of simple tools and tricks for researching and identifying export opportunities, beginning their journey to selling internationally. 

Workshop 2:

How to Get Started In the second workshop, we will discuss the process of developing ways to engage customers and sell online. We will explore the opportunities available to Micro and SME business from both product and service business types, and how to use online tools to create customer leads. The workshop will focus on key areas of export sales including messaging, positioning and engaging multiplier customer types. 

Programme Testimonials:

"The Export Development Program has provided me with tools that will serve multiple parts of my business. To say that I have benefited from the content is somewhat understated."

“We picked up a lot of great tips as well as they providing us with useful templates for developing new business models for B2B and B2G”

“Very valuable, would definitely recommend to other businesses seeking to work opportunities abroad”

"By far one of the most effective and beneficial courses I have taken."

“The course provided us with some new avenues for identifying new sales leads & business opportunities”