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Design 4 Growth Scheme

About the Scheme

Design4Growth is a scheme to assist small businesses in using design strategy methods to aid their development. It involves providing subsidised design consultancy services to businesses which will:

  • Conduct reviews to analyse their objectives and resources and assess strengths and weaknesses of design in all aspects of the business.
  • Assist them in identifying opportunities for how design could improve business performance.
  • Assist the business owner in developing a brief for a project to further their objectives
  • Assist with commissioning the design services required to implement the project

Stages of the Scheme

The Scheme will provide an opportunity for 50 businesses to attend an introductory workshop.  The Scheme has four stages to it. This workshop is stage 1.

Toby Scott has been appointed as the Senior Design Strategist.  He will work with a panel of Design Strategists who will assist the companies involved in identifying ways in which design can improve their business.

  • Stage 1: Open call and introductory briefing (50 Businesses) - Following an open call businesses are registering an interest in participating in the scheme and committing to attending a general briefing session on 26th January 2016.  This session will introduce them to the strategic use of design, illustrating examples of small businesses that have implemented such a design approach. The session should provide businesses with an understanding of potential use of design strategy in business development, with generalised advice (i.e. not specific to their own businesses).  The session will also allow the businesses to meet with the Design Strategists and the Senior Design Strategist.  The aim is to get 50 businesses to participate. Client fee €10
  • Stage 2: Audits and advice to reduced group (15 Businesses) - Following the briefing workshop, a design review service will be made available to a smaller number of participating clients who fall within the client profile listed above. This will involve a review of a client’s business by a Design Strategist utilising a template developed for the scheme through meeting clients at their premises, an analysis of the issues and challenges and a feedback consultation with recommendations on ways in which design strategy could assist with business development. Client fee €100
  • Stage 3: Design strategy service delivery for five participants (5 Businesses) - The Design Strategist will work with the client over a defined period to develop a brief for implementing the recommended approach and assist in commissioning the necessary design services for developing their business. The focus in the brief development will be on developing profits and exports and the potential for job creation. Client fee €200 (Refundable at Stage 4)
  • Stage 4: implementation of recommended actions (5 Businesses) - At the implementation stage, vouchers for design services will be made available to the client for fulfilling the brief. The services may be commissioned from other specialist designers e.g. industrial designers, web designers, branding or identity designers. The Design Strategist will provide ongoing advice and assistance to the client during the design service. The value of the voucher will be €2,300 + €200 refund of the fee for Stage 3. Client fee: 50% cost of implementation to match value of voucher (€2,500).
  • Stage 5: Documentation, review and case studies - Design Strategists will have documented the process, with an end review to measure performance against particular criteria (identified during the diagnostic work at Stage 2) to assist ongoing development. This information will be presented as Case Studies to inform the future development of the scheme. 

Client profile

The scheme is aimed at businesses meeting the following criteria:

  • Location: Dublin city based businesses (Dublin City, DLR, Fingal, South Dublin)
  • Size: 3+ employees. Preference will be given to micro enterprises. 
  • Stage of business: Trading for over 2 years


The overall programme is anticipated to take place for businesses from January to May 2016.

Introductory Workshop for Client businesses: 26th January 2016 – 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Wood Quay Venue, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

How to Apply:

Applications to attend the training workshop can be made through Dublin City LEO Website. 

**You can book a place on the Design4Growth workshop on the 26th January 2016 here: Book Stage 1