Economic Profile of South Dublin 2015

Economic Profile 2In 2014, under the Sustainable Business Programme, South Dublin County Council, South Dublin Local Enterprise Office and South Dublin Chamber (of Commerce), undertook a survey of businesses and business activity in South Dublin County. The aim of this survey was to create a detailed Economic Profile of Business in South Dublin County in order to identify and gain a better understanding of the needs and requirements of business.

This valuable information will help all of the agencies working with and for local business to:

  • Better understand the nature and operation of the local economy
  • Establish clusters and networks of like-minded businesses
  • Identify future training and skill requirements for business segments
  • Examine opportunities for business expansion including exporting.

As part of this survey all businesses in South Dublin received a visit from a representative to discuss their most pressing issues and learn more about their business, as well as collecting valuable information as part of the survey. The results brochure is available to download here. This initial research highlights the type and size of businesses operating in South Dublin, where and when they were established, as well as informing us of business training needs and where businesses are finding export markets.


Among the findings uncovered were:

  • Just how valuable microenterprises are in the County, with over 70% of business having under 10 employees
  • The resilience of entrepreneurs  with 24% of businesses opening since 2009
  • Where the main clusters and hubs of activity are in the County
  • Retail provides a significant proportion of business in our County

This research together with your feedback on the doorsteps has informed our next steps. During 2015, South Dublin County Council and South Dublin Chamber will:

  • Expand our consultation approach with business to further explore areas of mutual interest including potential clusters of similar business
  • Provide tailored training initiatives particularly relevant to eCommerce
  • Examine with you solutions to vacancy rates and dereliction in our Business Parks
  • Explore with business further opportunities for export growth

This initiative is managed under the Sustainable Business Programme, which is funded by the Local Authority and South Dublin Chamber in order to support businesses with ongoing challenges such as business regulation, energy consumption, marketing, training supports etc. Since 2011 the programme facilitated over 400 one to one meetings with local business.

For further information please email:

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