Breakthrough Innovation Programme

Breakthrough Innovation Programme

Breakthrough Innovation Programme

This framework is based on an analysis of various innovation methodologies and informed by Dublin BIC’s 30 years of experience. Importantly, it looks beyond the simple innovation in product and service offerings that companies usually focus on and analyses Innovation from three main perspectives.

  • Firstly, HOW WE INNOVATE looks at the foundational structure of culture and process, which currently exist within the organisation.
  • Secondly WITH WHOM WE INNOVATE looks at the different actors and individuals an organisation engages with operationally in the delivery of its proposition. Specifically, how the business is structured and resourced, the dynamics of its supply chain network, and the role of the Customer in the innovation process.
  • Finally, WHERE WE INNOVATE looks at core elements of the value chain and the delivery model and aims to identify opportunity across 6 key operational/functional areas of the business.

The Breakthrough Innovation Framework

The cost to the company in partaking in the programme is €50. This has been reduced from €200 in recognition of the financial pressures small business are under due to Covid.

Interested parties will be invited to initially register their interest my emailing or through the programme web page by filing in some basic details at

Breakthrough Innovation Programme Flyer


What will I get out of the programme?

The programme will help you discover the innovations that will effectively drive the long-term growth and survival or your business

How much time will I need to commit to this?

Your commitment will be a minimum of 28 hours on the programme, including completion of the diagnostic, 9 micro workshops online and multiple 1:1 touchpoint with a qualified mentor. We hope however that you will invest a lot more time implementing the plan that you create!

How many people from the company can partake?

Up to 2 people per company. Ideally senior executives and founders. It is good to have at least 2 as this helps to get different perspectives on the innovation capability and maturity of the company. Some participants will engage their wider staff or other managers to feed back into the work that needs to be prepared for each session. Indeed, we encourage participating companies to share the learning content and exercises with other staff members, however only two people may participate in the online workshop sessions

Who from the company should participate?

Senior management, CEO, CTO, CFO's, Head of Sales, Senior R&D staff.............

Where will the workshop be held?

The workshops will all take place online. In light of Covid-19 the original 2-day workshop has been configured into 9 'Micro Modules' to be delivered over a 4-week period. The Online Session will take place between 8.30 and 10.00 am on selected mornings to minimise disruption the working day.

Do we have to participate in all Online Session?

Yes, to benefit fully from the programme, it is essential that you fully participate in all sessions.

Who is the qualified mentor?

The mentor on the programme is a Dublin BIC consultant with 20+ years’ experience in the innovation and entrepreneurship space

Where will the 1:1 touchpoint take place?

This will be agreed between each company and the mentor. It may be at a central location, at your office or over the phone or web conference.

How many participating companies will be at the 2-day workshops?

Currently in light of public health advice, as a result of Covid-19, the original 2 day workshop format has been adapted to be delivered through 9 'micro-online workshop' which will be deliver on 9 mornings between 8.30 and 10.00 over a 4 week period.  We will follow public health advice regarding hosting face to face workshops and will continue with the online format until further notice