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Yogapal, created by Gráinne Toher in 2018 began as an inclusive community project with a social mission. In 2021, Yogapal became a Social Enterprise, which uses its profits to support and fund various charities and communities, including but not limited to;

  • Women’s Aid
  • Alone
  • As I Am
  • Pavee Point
  • Madra Dog Rescue.

 A full list of the charities Yogapal supports can be found on their website.

Gráinne says,  ” As a business owner I like to be out of my own way, delivering yoga and mindfulness only for good and giving voices to those without one.  My why/story (detailed in my book Breathe and Bloom) influences my business for good rather than dominating the business narrative”


Gráinne began Yogapal in 2018, drawing inspiration from her own personal experiences of recovery from stress and physical pain.

“The Yogapal platform began as a resourcing tool for teachers and businesses, as a teacher it can be hard to get started, we provided work.”,  Gráinne explains.

Gráinne is dedicated to giving back to the people who need it the most. She focuses on connecting with those in the community, alleviating physical discomfort with yoga and Pilates, relieving troubled minds with meditation and empowering people to experience great moments of peace, contentment and joy more often through mindfulness

Researching to provide a quality service

As Gráinne was already a yoga teacher when she set up her new venture Yogapal, she had built up a loyal list of clients. By contacting her existing clients, she was able to grow both her existing relationships and also her client base.  Gráinne also took part in Entrepreneurs Academy and the Plato Program.  Pre-pandemic, she also took to the busy streets to carry out in person market research with the people of Dublin.

Making the decision to become self employed

Gráinne made the decision to become self -employed once she knew she had enough clients. By taking on more clients and building up her client base, she felt comfortable surviving on a self- employed income. The bonus for Gráinne is that she can now spend her days turing Yogapal into an inspirational project all the while doing what she loves.

Challenges & Opportunities

The Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses across the country to rethink how their business operated. As in-person yoga classes were not permitted to operate, Gráinne made the decision to conduct online classes. By providing live and on- demand classes to her client base, she ensured that classes were accessible to her clients to take at any time that was suitable to them.

As mentioned, Gráinne also changed her business model to that of a Social Enterprise

“We now operate as a Social Enterprise and a yoga and mindfulness community, any profits we make go to our chosen charities” , Gráinne explains.

LEO Supports

  • Gráinne’s journey began with the Business Advice Clinic, a two hour group session which helps those thinking of starting a business find their feet.
  • Gráinne was first mentored by Catherine Whelan of Ballyfermot/Chapelizod Partnership. “Catherine was brilliant.”
  •  Gráinne also received mentoring through LEO Dublin City.
  • “I had a wonderfully engaged mentor through the LEO Mentoring program - Aisling Foley.”
  • The Trading Online Voucher helped Gráinne with building a website for Yogapal-          COVID-19: how you’ve adapt the business – new products and services.

2021 & Beyond

Yogapal will continue to grow as a Social Enterprise and grow their yoga community.

We want to give a voice to minorities through our new podcast series 'In Our Shoes' and deliver yoga and mindfulness practices for the greater good”

Yogapal is certainly going from strength to strength all the while giving back to communities and giving a voice to those who truly need it.

Yogapal video content is now on their Youtube Channel


Gráinne Toher