Business Angels

The Halo Business Angel Partnership is the new national business angel network in the Republic of Ireland bringing together the private equity activities of Enterprise Ireland, InterTradeIreland and the Irish Business and Innovation Centres.

A key objective for the Halo Business Angel Partnership is to develop and foster the growth of private equity and business angel activity in Ireland. We do this by matching private investors with pre-screened investment opportunities in start-up, early stage and developing businesses.

In this way we alleviate the ongoing difficulty faced by early-stage and growing companies who find it difficult to raise funds on reasonable terms. We also offer alternative investment options to investors interested in getting involved in companies with growth potential.

We offer a nationwide business matching service with offices in Dublin, Waterford, Cork and Galway. Our role is to act as facilitators not investment advisors, and we recommend that both sides take professional advice before making any investment-related decisions.

The Halo Business Angel Partnership is managed by Dublin Business Innovation Centre Limited as part of its ongoing support to start-up and developing enterprises.

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