Enterprise Space

Enterprise Space

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Enterprise hubs are dynamic, inspirational and engaging centres, spaces or places in which you as an entrepreneur, innovator and enterprise can converge with other likeminded individuals - a supportive and collaborative environment. Enterprise hubs are where ideas are generated, connections are made, synergies and collaborations are initiated, projects are launched and ultimately where a multitude of enterprises are started and developed from. Dublin is home to an extensive and diverse array of enterprise hubs, for-profit and not-for-profit, public and private, well established and newly established, hubs that cater to specific types of enterprises and hubs that cater for all types.

Providing core work space, networks to assist tenant enterprises and entrepreneurs;.each and every one of these enterprise hubs play a vital role in Dublin’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and towards enterprise and economic development in Dublin City.

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*Please note the list of hubs was accurate at the time of posting. We update the listing regularly. When you find a suitable location to your requirements, you will need to make direct contact with the hub.