Business Start Up (Priming) Grants

A business start-up grant (Priming Grant), available to micro enterprises, within 18 months of start-up.

Priming grants may be available for sole traders, partnerships, or limited companies

The company must have

  • sales and
  • must be employing one new full-time employee
  • A current valid Business Tax Clearance Certificate required

The new employee may be the Promoter/founder, provided no previous funding has been received towards Promoter salary or salary drawdown from business before submitting an application. Staff recruitment costs may also be considered eligible for grant aid.

Eligible Costs:

Salary Costs

For 1st year of employment this will be paid in two instalments.  The first instalment at the commencement of employment and the second instalment once the employment has continued in existence for a period of six months.  The level of grant support should reflect the salary scale proposed for the employment being generated.

  • Job Creation Salary costs average €10,000 per person for salary €30,000 or higher
  • Job Creation Salary costs average €  7,500 per person for salary <€30,000

The maximum Priming Gant that can be paid is up to 50% of the investment.  The average Priming Grant successfully awarded is approx €35,000 depending on the number of jobs created.

Please Note

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