How to Claim

The following Terms and Conditions apply to ALL Grants

  • A completed Claim Cover Sheet Must be submitted with every claim. Given with letter of offer.
  • You must make an appointment with a member of staff to sign the acceptance of your grant within 10 days of receiving the letter of offer. 
  • Please note all grants have an expiry date and must be completed by this date. If you do not submit a completed claim with all required documentation on time the grant will be cancelled and decommited by our Office. 
  • All claims must be in Euro. If you have an invoice or receipt in another currency you must do the currency conversion at the prevailing rate and state the source of the exchange rate.
  • Remember to exclude VAT and Freight charges in your claim.
  • All claims must be accompanied by relevant receipts, invoices and proof of payments i.e. Bank Statements
  • Some expenses may require an Auditors cert.
  • All suppliers must be VAT registered and include all VAT on invoices,bills and quotes. Their VAT number should also be on the invoice letterhead.
  • A Company Tax Clearance Certificate may be randomly requested from all suppliers.
  • All claims must include 6 months worth of Bank Statements
  • Only fee proposals and quotes provided and approved with your application may be included in your grant claim.
  • For Feasibility  - Only one claim must be submitted within the given time frame with all requested paperwork.
  • For Priming & Business Expansion - Salary are drawndown in 2 instalments - six months apart.
  • Payment is made by Electronic transfer to the Business Name and you must have a business bank account.

Feasibility Study/ Innovation Grant

If not claimed within 4 months of the Office approval date, the grant will be cancelled.

When claiming a Feasibility Study Grant you must ensure you include the following:

  • Claim Cover sheet
  • Company Tax Clearance Certificate or a personal one if the business is not set up.
  • Invoices
  • Proof of payments i.e. Bank Statements
  • Breakdown of Expenditure
  • 6 months of Business Bank Statements
  • Auditors Certificate are required if claiming Miscellaneous Costs
  • Feasibility Study Report - outcomes of your Feasibility Study, where, when, how, what and why

Priming/Business Development Grants

Where a grant includes salary costs the first installment is made within 2 months of Board approval date and the second installment along with all other approved expenses is paid 6 months later from the date of the cheque from the first installment.  If not claimed within this time period, the grant will be cancelled.

When claiming a Priming or Business Development Grant you must include the following:

  • Claim Cover Sheet
  • Company Tax clearance Certificate
  • Invoices
  • Proof Of payments i.e. Bank Statements
  • Breakdown of Expenditure
  • 6 months of Business Bank Statements
  • Auditors Cert if required
  • The following items will be required if your grant includes the relevant expenses
  • Capital Items – Copy of insurance policy to ensure work done or machinery purchased is insured. Tax certificates or C2 forms of any builders who carried out the work
  • On final drawdown an appointment will be made for a staff member to visit the premises and photograph the machinery or work done.
  • Salary Costs - For the first installment the tax cert must be provided along with the PPS details of whomever the grant is for on letter headed paper stating the agreed salary for the staff member which must be signed by both the promoter and the employee. For the second installment there must be an update of the business dated 6 months from the first installment along with management accounts for that period. 
  • Marketing Costs – Samples of materials produced must be included in claim. If including a trade fair under this heading please provide samples of brochures and any other material developed for trade fair. A market visit report is also required. If including website design and development costs the Local Enterprise Office logo must be displayed on the home page of your website and must link back to Only work carried out by VAT registered 3rd parties will be accepted. 
  • Consultancy Costs - Only professional invoices detailing the accredited details of the 3rd party whom carried out the work will be accepted.