Research reports and initiatives of the Economic Development Office / Local Enterprise Office - of Dublin City Council are featured here. These reports are conducted on enterprise and economic development and feature insights, trends and recommendations etc.

Dublin City Summit Series

The series is an initiative of the Economic Development and Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) of Dublin City Council. The committee is made up of councillors and industry representatives. Each summit brings together key stakeholders including policy makers, elected officials, topic experts and practitioners to share insights, information and perspectives in order to encourage greater collaboration, awareness and development regarding relevant policy issues and challenges facing the city. After each summit, an Outcomes Report comprised of the summit contributions, insights and presentations is produced and disseminated to policy makers, stakeholders and interested parties to support future policy formulation, knowledge sharing and relevant economic development. The Outcomes Reports of previous summits are available below:

2020 Reset Summit Outcomes Report (Published January 2022) 

2019 Social Enterprise Summit Outcomes Report.pdf (size 7.7 MB) (Published: July 2020)

2018 Apprenticeship Summit Outcomes Report.pdf (size 4.9 MB) (Published: January 2019)

2017 Infrastructure Summit Outcomes Report.pdf (size 22.4 MB) (Published: July 2017)

2016 Brexit Summit Outcomes Report.pdf (size 1 MB) (Published: March 2017)

Dublin Economic Monitor

The Dublin Economic Monitor is a joint initiative on behalf of the four Dublin local authorities to track developments in the capital’s economy. Each quarterly edition provides data, benchmark information and thematic articles by key stakeholder representatives. Previous articles, resources and information is available at: 

Your Dublin Your Voice

Your Dublin, Your Voice is an online opinion panel which gives Dubliners and visitors alike, a unique opportunity to provide views on what they love, like and would be glad to see improved in the capital region. Each quarter a survey is conducted to garner views, suggestions and ideas. The insights and responses are utilised regarding policy formulation and decision making. Previous surveys and reports are available at:

Other Research Projects:

Research Area - Enterprise Space / Co-Working

Enterprise Hubs in Dublin – Research Report 2022.pdf (size 3.1 MB) (Published April 2022)

The report provides an overview of enterprise hub provision in Dublin, generally and in the context of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, associated crisis and recovery. It features desktop and survey reviews of enterprise hubs in Dublin along with insights, trends and industry information. In summary, the report highlights the extensive array of hubs across Dublin, the significant contribution they make towards enterprise and economic development, the vital role they play in Dublin’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and the impact that the crisis has had on hubs and their tenant enterprises.

Enterprise & Co-Working Space Providers in Dublin – Research Report (December 2019).pdf (size 2.5 MB) (Published: December 2019)

The report provides an overview and analysis of enterprise and co-working space in Dublin along with the identification of trends and insights. The report and associated research was produced as part of the Dublin Regional Enterprise Plan to 2020.

Research Area - Makerspaces / Making

Makerspace Provision in Dublin Research Report.pdf (size 1.7 MB) (Published September 2021)

This research report provides an overview of makerspace provision and relevant maker initiatives in Dublin City and County.

Research Area - City Branding & Placemaking

Dublin City Branding and Placemaking Research Report.pdf (size 2.6 MB)

This report is on the key constructs of city branding and placemaking. It provides an overview of both city branding and placemaking after which, it identifies the position of Dublin on relevant international indices and rankings.

Research Area - SoCircular (Social and Circular Economy)

SoCircular Brochure (Published March 2023) 

The purpose of this brochure is to continue the momentum of celebrating the social and circular economy, to promote the featured social and circular enterprises and to further encourage people, businesses, organisations and government departments to buy from and support them. The brochure provides a profile on each enterprise that exhibited at SoCircular, along with contact details and an overview of their core products and services. In addition, a subsequent section of the brochure features key support organisations relevant to social and circular enterprise development.

Research Area - Social Enterprise

Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards 2022 Awardees Brochure.pdf (size 6.4 MB) (Published September 2022)

The brochure highlights each of 6 awardee social enterprises and provides information on the awards programme and context.  

Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards 2015-2021 Brochure.pdf (size 8.4 MB) (Published January 2022)

This brochure collectively highlights all 35 awardees so far, their social mission and the products or services they sell. The purpose of the brochure is to promote the awardees and encourage stakeholders and interested parties to support, collaborate with and purchase from them. 

Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards 2021 Awardees Brochure.pdf (size 7.7 MB) (Published September 2021)

The brochure highlights each of 8 awardee social enterprises and provides information on the awards programme.  

Dublin 8 Consortium GrowD8 Social Enterprise Development Strategy 2020-2022.pdf (size 20.9 MB)

This strategy was developed by a consortium of stakeholders, led by Dublin City Council (South Central Area) with the objective of maximising the opportunities for social enterprise activity in the Dublin 8 area. It features various strategic objectives and tangible actions. The Dublin 8 Consortium draws together existing support organisations and social enterprises in order to add value to the sector in Dublin 8 through collaboration, strategic action and advocacy. Its membership includes Dublin City Council, Dublin City Local Enterprise Office, Inner City Enterprise, Dublin South City Partnership, the F2 Social Enterprise Board, Dublin Inner City Community Co-op and the new children’s hospital

Social Enterprise Summit Outcomes Report.pdf (size 7.7 MB) (Published: July 2020)

The report provides an extensive account of the summit including contributions, insights and examples shared by attendees. It has been produced to share knowledge and inform policy makers, stakeholders and interested parties.

Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards – Impact Report.pdf (size 2.6 MB) (Published: April 2019)

The Impact Report highlights the: Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards scheme and its impact to date. It also showcases each of the 19 previous awardees so far and the impact of their social enterprise activities. From a research perspective, the report provides insights and interesting findings regarding social enterprise development in Dublin which stems from the survey conducted on the previous awardees. (A press release regarding the launch of the impact report is available by clicking: here)

Research Area - Economic & Community Development / Dementia

Getting The Messages Pilot Project Report (Published: October 2019)

This report provides an overview and insights regarding the pilot project as well as recommendations for initiating this project or similar projects in future.