Networking is a valuable and productive activity for owner/managers. Networking puts you in contact with like minded people whose experience an­d knowledge can help greatly in helping you solve the day-to-day problems of business and exploit the opportunities.  Within networks, there are shared experiences, friendships to be made and also new opportunities to develop your business, make sales or find new suppliers.

In Dublin City there are several networks to choose from:

  • The Women in Business Network
  • Grow Your Food Business Network 
  • Dublin Food Chain networks
Network NameDescription
Dublin Food Chain_1_1Women In Business LEO DC Logo 2018
Dublin Food Chain is an innovative marketing and networking platform representing many of the outstanding food and drink producers based throughout Dublin city and county.
The Women in Business Network is a Local Enterprise Office Dublin City initiative, ideal for women running their own business. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business and the network provides opportunities to share experiences, learn from other women and network.

Networking Tips

  • Swap business cards with everyone you meet – you never know how you will be able to help each other in the future
  • Write specific details about the person you meet on their business card (best times to call, information about their products or services, where you met and when)
  • Repeat the person’s first name several times in the conversation – as they say, repetition is the best way to remembering
  • Arrange to meet the person within a month of your first meeting – even if this meeting is to ‘meet’ again, it will mean that you will have got to know more about each other and possibly find reasons to do business together or recommend each other to clients or acquaintances
  • The next time you wonder how you can make your business a success and be the best at what you do, take some time to contact those people who you have met recently. Update them on what you are up to and see how you can do business now or in the future.
  • If you want your business to succeed then you need to ensure that others believe in you and your business. If you want to promote how great your product or service is then make sure you know how to network well too!
  • People like yourself are certainly an answer. People who will share their experience and expertise; knowledge that is relevant to your stage of development. And, networks are great for making sales contacts and finding suppliers who appreciate your business.