Network Events

Webinar 16th June 2021: Getting to Grips with Email Marketing by Lucy O'Reilly

In this webinar, Lucy O'Reilly will go through some of the basics of getting to grips with email marketing, touching on how to grow your subscriber list, lead magnets, what to put in your newsletters and how to ensure deliverability.

Webinar 9th June 2021: A tour of the best free and low-cost resources available to make the business of running your business simpler and more enjoyable!

Aoife Wilson of We Make Everything Simple will share tips on some of the best resources out there for entrepreneurs and small business owners

Webinar 26th May 2021: Staying calm in the world of budgets and taxes! by Rana Sayegh

This chat by accountant Rana Sayegh will cover the basics of budgeting, how to be friends with your budget (and money) and make it work for you.

Webinar 19th May 2021: 5 Psychology Tips to Make your Marketing More Effective

Cyberpsychologist Jing O'Reilly will share tips about how you can use insights from psychology for more effective marketing You have the power to make important decisions for your business and clients but how do you know you are doing the right thing? Are you influenced by your own bias? What do y...

Webinar 12th May: Negotiation for Women in Business with Jane Morgan of Gendelity

Confidence is key to negotiating but where to start? And what about those invisible barriers that women face when negotiating in professional contexts. This online introductory workshop highlights key themes and evidence-based approaches to start planning your professional negotiation.