Who is the Local Enterprise Office?

The Local Enterprise Offices was established on Tuesday 15th April 2014 and is part of the Planning Department of the Dublin City Council, it was formally the Dublin City Enterprise Board Limited which was established by the Government in response to an identified need for a local source of assistance for the start-up and expansion of micro-enterprises - those employing less than 10 people. It employs 5 people. The Board held it’s first meeting in October 1993 and launched its first City Enterprise Action Plan the following year.  Since 2000, the Board’s has been working to develop local enterprise as part of National Development Plan. 

Who do Local Enterprise Office - Dublin City help?

We help start up and micro businesses within Dublin City that employ up to 10 people.  Larger organisations are assisted by Enterprise Ireland.

What sort of assistance does Local Enterprise Office provide?

Above all else, Local Enterprise Office - Dublin City is known as a source of financial aid for starting or growing a small business within Dublin City.  This aid is available to eligible small businesses that can demonstrate significant innovation.  It is strictly at the discretion of the Evaluation Committee and is often made on a refundable basis.   Unlike the banks, the Local Enterprise Office is willing to take part of the risk alongside the entrepreneur and so does not require collateral and does not impose any interest.  However, bank finance is also a normal and necessary part of the funding package in most cases.

There are specific programmes to cover part of the cost of

  • conducting feasibility studiesto develop a prototype and market research
  • employing additional staff (including the Owner/Manager’s own job in the case of a start-up enterprise)

What is the Mentor Programme?

A Mentor is an experienced business person and/professional employed by the Board to assist you in developing a business plan and to help you access the other services of the Board, such as grants, loans, investment and training. 

Once accepted into the Mentor Programme, you will be invited to attend an Induction Seminar at which the process will be explained and an opportunity given to you to explain your project and request the Mentor with the experience and knowledge your require most.

When you exit the Mentor Programme, you will have a much better understanding of your own ability to run a business and have a good route map to future success in the form of a Business Plan.  For additional information on the Mentor Programme.

How can I get a Grant?

First check to see if you are eligible* for financial assistance. There is a list of ineligible projects on the website in the Financial Assistance section. Secondly, assess which type of grant is most appropriate to your stage of business development. There are different requirements for the various types of grants.

 A 'Start Your Own Business' Course helps you prepare a robust Business Plan and prepare financial projections. If you have any queries contact Local Enterprise Office and discuss your application with the Business Advisor.