Value Driven Entrepreneurship

Smart businesses concern themselves with ongoing improvement and awareness of latest business trends and requirements. A value driven enterprise creates innovative solutions which are sustainable, socially beneficial and profitable at the same time.

The majority of next generation consumers are choosing transparent value/purpose driven brands. They are willing to pay more for products and or services that communicate their values clearly. The Responsible Innovation Concept The Responsible Innovation Concept can be adapted to product development and business strategy to create more viable products and or services.  Value will be added in many ways:

  • Unlock new innovation potential and market opportunities for your business
  • Engage with your customers in a unique way
  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Discover different routes to the market strategy by considering environmental and social factors as profit generators
  • Prepare your company to respond to the latest trends in impact and sustainable investments that will shape the Economy.

Inspiring practices can give you knowledge of the responsible innovation concept and you can start to take simple steps towards designing a smarter business.

The Responsible Innovation Summit 2018, 16th October 2018

Responsible Innovation Summit

Get the inspiration, knowledge and tools on how to implement values into your strategy in order to come up with more viable and desirable solutions for your business and your customers!

The aim of this international conference is to introduce responsible innovation as an adaptable business concept. Attendance will help you to spot opportunities early on and to take advantage of being a real innovator. Exciting conversations, workshops, case studies are taking place to inspire and activate leaders.

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