Financial Assistance

The purpose of grants and financial assistance offered by Local Enterprise Office is to help job creation and exports in micro businesses (1-10 employees) start ups and growing businesses in Dublin city. With the growing success of establishing a true enterprise culture in the Capital and with many more entrepreneurs accessing the services of the LEO, there is increasing demand on our financial resources. For this reason, the Business Expansion Grant has an element of refundability. This  policy enables the LEO to recycle its financial resources and make them available at a later date for other new and deserving enterprises.  

Please note:

  • a current Business Tax Clearance Certificate is required for every type of funding
  • no retrospective payments are allowed i.e. you must get approval for the funding, spend the money/ hire the employee, then make a claim for the approved grant amount. This means you will need to source other funding to pay for your business requirements to drawdown on the grant funding.

Eligibility Criteria

Types of Grants

Application Process