Press Releases

Dublin Food Chain Seminar 12th May

This seminar will allow participants to hear from a panel of experts, meet with some packaging companies and engage in dialogue about challenges they may have

Want to boost your IT Team for free?

The Digital Skills Academy is based in Dublin 8 and specialise in educating adult learners in the latest IT and Digital Technologies. They are currently recruiting for Work Placement Providers for their “Tech Elevate” programme.

Build Your Business Summit 14th May

The summit includes key expert speakers that will advise how best to grow your business and increase your sales online and through exports.

Want to boost your IT Team for free?

Are you interested to host an unpaid IT Work Placement for 12-16 weeks?

Dublinked ‘Data Opens Doors’ Summit

When public data is ‘open’ it can be used for the development of new products and services that can make cities more efficient and improve quality of life for citizens. Join us to explore how data and open data can help our cities work better and promote economic innovation in the Dublin Region.