22nd May 2023 Event: Regain your Freedom, Health and Happiness and Systemise your Business so that it runs without you - speaker Eileen Fleming



Talk: Regain your Freedom, Health and Happiness and Systemise your Business so that it runs without you 

Date and Time: Monday 22nd May 2023. 12.00-14.30 

Venue:  Dean Swift 2, Hyatt Centric, Dean St, The Liberties, Dublin, D08 W3X7

Eileen Fleming

Speaker: Business Director, Mentor and Consultant Eileen Fleming from The Buff Day Spa

As a seasoned business leader, Eileen understands the critical role that systems play in ensuring business success, whether you're a solo entrepreneur or have a team of employees. During her talk, she will share her insights on how to easily develop effective systems and processes that will streamline your business, improve your productivity, and increase your bottom line.  

The talk will be followed by a lunch of soup, sandwiches and tea/coffee. We will be seated at round tables and it will be a great opportunity to network.  You can book now through this link:  https://forms.gle/k3gqy7kqzq7BE4daA

Speaker Profile: Eileen Fleming, Owner of The Buff Day Spa in Dublin, experienced business consultant and mentor

Eileen Fleming is an All-Star Business Accredited Business Consultant & Mentor, owner of The Buff Day Spa in Dublin, and an experienced business consultant with a passion for helping businesses innovate, systemize, and grow. With 20 years of experience running her own successful business, Eileen has developed expertise in business systemisation, business innovation, and spa management consultancy. Her consultancy services offer business mentoring, fresh perspective, unbiased feedback, trusted expertise, and accountability to help businesses reach their full potential. Eileen has systemised The Buff Day Spa to such an extent that it now runs without her, allowing her to help other business owners achieve more while having more freedom to live the life they want. To learn more about Eileen Fleming Business Consultancy, visit www.eileenfleming.ie

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