Webinar 14th April: Digital Marketing Masterclass for Small Business Owners & Startups - Jessica Kelly, The Disruptors Agency

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Digital Marketing Masterclass for Small Business Owners and Startups

Jessica Nolan  

Speaker: Jessica Nolan, @disruptorsagency

Wednesday 14th April 2021      11.00-12.15

Jessica Nolan, an experienced marketer and founder of The Disruptors Agency (a marketing agency for health and wellness brands) will be delivering a Digital Marketing Masterclass. Jessica began her journey as a digital marketer as a result of 'needs must' for her own small business... So she knows first hand the challenges faced by small business owners and startups who are trying to market their business by themselves, and on a budget.

Jessica's talk will cover:

-        Social Media Marketing tips and tricks

-        Which social media platforms should YOU be focusing on

-        Influencer marketing

-        Facebook Ads

With a large proportion of the session being dedicated to a Q&A led by you, our guests, as in Jessica's eyes, this is the best way to deliver as much value as possible.

The event will end with 15 minutes of networking in breakout groups.

To book your place, please register here: https://forms.gle/Xa4AcjuHG6nipHmD8


Speaker Profile: Jessica Nolan 

Jessica is an experienced marketer with a passion for health and fitness. She has managed marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the health and wellness space, including: Optimum Nutrition, Deliciously Ella, WellFest and more. When the pandemic hit, Jessica was working full time for WellFest, managing the marketing for both their Irish festival, and the launch of their debut London event in partnership with Davina Mccall. However, when Covid hit, Jessica's role was made redundant and she decided to re-open a former experiential marketing agency she had owned, under a new name, and with a 'digital-first' focus.

And so - The Disruptors Agency was born!

Jessica's marketing background encompasses all forms of marketing, including experiential campaigns, social media, paid ads, web design and UX, along with traditional channels such as outdoor advertising/PR. The Disruptors Agency also specialises in Brand design, marketing strategy, and other services. For ore information, contact jessica@disruptyourmarket.com



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