Breakthrough Innovation Programme

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The Breakthrough Innovation Programme brings you through a disciplined framework to discover and analyse where the innovation potential lies in your enterprise and how you can capitalise on those opportunities to strive for growth.

Aimed at established businesses (trading on average 3 years+), with between 3 - 50 employees and turnover of approx. €250,000, the Breakthrough Innovation Programme will help you take your enterprise to the next level by delivering sophisticated breakthrough innovations.

The Breakthrough Innovation Programme is for you, if:

  • You have a burning ambition to grow your business
  • You find yourself wishing you could create more value or improve or transform your enterprise
  • You wonder is there a better way of doing business
  • You struggle to identify the right innovation opportunities
  • You are unsure where within your organisation, with whom or how to innovate for breakthrough impact
  • You lack a disciplined approach to tackle the innovation challenge

Participation, Commitment and Outcomes

Your commitment is €50 and 25 hours, including 2 workshop days and multiple 1:1 touch points with a qualified mentor. The Breakthrough Innovation Programme will help you discover the innovations that will effectively drive your long-term growth and survival.

Fully immersing yourself in the Breakthrough Innovation Programme and following through on your Implementation Plan will yield revenue growth, export growth, improved profitability, greater efficiency, more employment, more engagement with the innovation ecosystem, including Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin, to drive fresh impetus into your business and ultimately lead to a more sustainable enterprise delivering value to customers.

More information can be found here.

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  • ‘I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to foster an innovation mindset in their organisation’ - Interleaf Technologies CEO Charles Quain

  • As a business owner who was always too busy to participate in courses such as this, I can only humbly recommend any business owner to make the time and grab the opportunity to participate in the Breakthrough Innovation Programme . It could open your mind to the potential next big thing for your business' - ASM Ireland CEO Alan Sparling

  • ‘The Breakthrough Innovation Programme was an excellent course to participate in, the programme material and the tasks really focus the mind on what your company can do to innovate’ - ATP Ireland Managing Director David Daly

  • ‘Its great to take time out to focus on innovation but easy not to! This process is designed to lead you through a path of discovery; making you stop and think about your business model, new opportunities, your costs and most of all about getting close to your customers to find innovative solutions for their needs. Its intense but really worthwhile. Go for it!' - Inspiration Marketing Managing Director Cathy McGovern

  • ‘The Breakthrough Innovation Course clarified areas within my business that are working well and areas that require innovative progression. Going back to the core aim of my business allowed me to implement a structured innovative plan to achieve within a set timeframe’ - Absolute Nutrition Owner Jo Davey

  • ‘The programme forced us to take time out of our busy schedules to look at "big picture" questions around our business, which we had not been finding/making time to address. It made us look at our business in creative ways and gave us the tools to do so again in the future’ - Kilmmek Furniture Owner Knut Kilmmek

  • 'The Breakthrough Innovation Programme made us examine all facets of the business and elements we wouldn’t necessarily think about regularly or formally, e.g. culture, structure, processes – it opened our eyes to the potential for innovation throughout the business' - The Chocolate Garden Founders Jim & Mary Healy

  • 'The Breakthrough Innovation Programme enabled us to discover new innovation opportunities for our business' - ECAT Group CEO Francis Lyons 

  • 'A very worthwhile programme that provides more than one possible innovation play for any SME irrespective of size or industry' - Xetec CEO Paul Geoghegan

  • 'I have gained valuable knowledge and theory on practices that drive innovation that we can implement within our own organisation' CEO Pamela Doyle