LEAN for Micro Management Development Programme

The Lean for Micro Dublin is aimed at owners/managers and key staff members of small businesses who wish to gain an introduction to lean concepts and allow them to gain a practical understanding of lean principles by undertaking a focused assignment with expert  mentoring support. The programme will be aimed at a limited number of Dublin based businesses.

Programme Overview:

Lean tools and techniques are helping companies across the globe to address competitiveness issues within their business, building the capability of their people to identify issues and improve their operations. LEAN is about being effective and efficient- doing things quicker, better, cheaper... together. Lean strives to stamp out waste and to continually improve.

Local Enterprise Office Dublin CIty recognises the importance of the development of management skills for people managing their own micro or small enterprises.  It also recognises the very substantial improvements in productivity and profitability that can result from the application of LEAN principles in an organisation and aims to support managers in effectively embracing LEAN methodologies in their businesses.

LEAN Business Programme

in 2014 an independent review found that Irish businesses engaged in LEAN business programmes recorded significant gains:

  • Productivity increase of 20%
  • Sales increase of 40%
  • Delivery adherence up 43%
  • Product & Service quality up 30%
  • Employment increased up 11%

Programme Objectives

On successful completion of the Lean for Micro Dublin, participants will have the knowledge and skills to enable them to undertake small lean projects resulting in continuous cost reduction improvements in their businesses.

The programme will help to:

  • Identify issues and potential improvement areas
  • Provide support to implement
  • Achieve savings and improvements in capability and capacity to deliver

Programme Duration:

Participants will receive regular support from a designated mentor over a 16 week period.  Each participant will receive up to 5 support visits lasting 3 ½ hours each to his/her premises over the 16 week period to bring tasks outlined to a successful conclusion. Alternatively one to one mentoring will be provided for participants of the programme

Programme Cost:

Lean for Micro Dublin is very heavily subsidised and the business contribution is €250.00

For further information visit www.leanformicro.ie

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"I have found the the Lean programme one of the most practical and easily applied courses I have ever done. It has forced me to open my eyes and question the way we do everything in our business. The balance of the course between theory and practical is excellent and having the opportunity to work with Dermot (the mentor) one on one has made a remarkable difference to my business." - Kate McLoughin, McLoughlin Butchers, Clondalkin

“One of the most awakening statements made at the program was “waste is all around us its just not that easy to see” however when you become aware of it and start seeing it, and replacing it with lean processes everyone's work life becomes easier and more efficient. For a happy work life go Lean. - Cathy Coughlan, Dorian Black

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