Online Marketing & Social Media Course

The Spencer Hotel, Excise Walk, IFSC, Dublin 1
Tue afternoon for 4 weeks
14:00 - 18:00
Social Media

How to build an online strategy. Integrating all of the online tools. Advice on making your website work for you, online advertising options, social media campaigns planning across various platforms, options on various mass email tools, and using analytical tools to measure performance.

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Online Marketing & Social Media



Programme Overview

The course consists of 4 modules covering extensive content including all key aspects to integrate online marketing and social media effectively. The course is designed for the owners of existing small businesses as well as individuals who are looking to start a new business.


This programme will highlight the importance and value of marketing on-line by delivering a comprehensive understanding of the various tools and techniques available. Each participant will be guided on how best to develop and execute an online and web marketing strategy that meets the needs of their business. The programme will run over 4 weeks, 4 hour session per week, which includes a wrap up session on the final week.


Programme Aim

This programme aims to introduce participants to build an online strategy for their business. It should include information on integrating all of the online tools at their disposal, including advice on making their website work for them, online advertising options, social media campaigns planning across various platforms, options on various mass email tools, and using analytical tools to measure performance.


Programme Outline

Module 1: How the Internet has impacted marketing? - Tuesday 23rd February 2016

  • The Internet – how did we get here?
  • Overview of Internet marketing (understanding the market, campaigns, and measure of success)
  • New marketing strategy (integration of marketing theory and tools)
  • Join online conversations and harness the power of recommendation
  • Email Marketing campaigns
  • Data Protection Law


Module 2: Social Media Marketing - Tuesday 1st March 2016

  • Six Big Players at the moment (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest)
  • Other tools and techniques commonly used for business (Skype, Blogging, Google hangouts)
  • Successful email marketing campaigns (using email marketing tools e.g. MailChimp etc.)
  • Emerging trends (Cloud computing services and mobile apps)


Module 3: Effective SEO & Search Engine Marketing - Tuesday 8th March 2016

  • Onsite optimisation (make your website more appealing to search engines)
  • Learn why links from other websites matter and how to get them
  • Learn how social media and other marketing complement your SEO
  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?
  • Website Analytics/Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Adverts
  • Live Demo
  • Fastest Way to Get Ads on Google/Facebook


Module 4: Building & Promoting a Website & Programme Recap - Tuesday 15th March 2016

  • Creating a blog
  • Writing winning web content
  • Creating viral videos
  • Testing your website
  • Best practices in creative development and creative planning
  • Vital role of colour, design and function
  • Effective messaging and eye-catching visuals
  • Brand building – promoting websites, creating viral videos, writing winning web contents

Case Studies (in between sessions)




As Director of Training at QED, Noel leads a training team that designs and delivers practical and highly engaging materials for entrepreneurs and leaders of SMEs. Noel is one of the best Social Media trainers in the country and is constantly exceeds participant and client expectations. He is an Apple Product & Integration Professional and an Apple Certified Trainer (ACT). Noel has been invited as keynote speaker on Social Media at various enterprise events and at the TEDxNHH in Norway (


Noel has worked with QED Training since early 2010 and has proven highly successful in bringing start-up and small business owners through the challenges of setting up their business and use of digital media for the benefit of their business.  Noel has extensive experience in person-facing roles in a number of industries including confectionary, hospitality, horticulture, retail and leisure.  He has been delivering training and mentoring services for QED in various areas such as social media, market research, idea generation, business skills and business planning and IT.


Michael joined QED Team in 2012 to deliver Social Media training and mentoring to the company’s valued clients. He is an expert in Social Media and Digital Marketing, particularly in the use of Social Media as a promotional and marketing platform. He has a background that includes a diverse range of industries from light engineering and fast moving consumer goods to sports leisure and IT. This experience combined with qualifications in both Marketing and Digital Marketing allow him to have a broad and insightful view on to how this powerful medium can be used to effectively for business. Michael also has a keen interest in social psychology and human behaviour, which adds further depth to his delivery and presentations.
Michael Keogh has been delivering various QED facilitated workshops and mentoring sessions in Social Media, Digital Marketing and Web Design around the country and continually receives excellent feedback from the participants. His ability to communicate clearly and enthusiastically allows him to open minds and leave participants excited and eager to bring their ideas to the next level.