Transform Your Business with Lean Thinking: Boost Efficiency, Cut Costs, and Increase Profits - 25th July 2024

Online via Zoom
09:30 - 13:00
Business Training

Unlock the potential of your business with Phase 1 of the LEO Transform Your Business with Lean Thinking program. In this immersive workshop, dive into a transformative way of thinking that has empowered countless businesses in Dublin City to save time, cut costs, and deliver unparalleled value to their customers. *Note: This isn't your passive workshop, —brace yourself for breakout sessions, lively discussions, and active participation. Cameras on and engagement is a must for all attendees. **Business should be trading for at least 6 months and have a turnover of over €30,000

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In the last 2 years, 113 Businesses from Dublin completed the Local Enterprise Transform Your Business with Lean Thinking Program reporting savings of € 4,624,611,   That’s an average of €49,727 per company and reported capacity increase of 26%.

What is the Transform Your Business with Lean Thinking program?


This program is all about elevating what you do in your business—making it Faster, Better, and Together as a team. Beyond just cash savings, it's about building a stable, secure, and sustainable business ready to face economic challenges. It's liberating yourself from Non-Value Adding activities by questioning and redesigning processes, allowing a focus on business growth and Value-Adding activities. The program has enabled businesses to reclaim personal time, work fewer weekends, all while getting more done. Through the Transform Your Business with Lean Thinking Program, Jigsaw helps great businesses like yours BE BETTER!

Owners and managers of small businesses are invited to join Phase 1 of the Transform Your Business with Lean Thinking. This highly successful program is designed for any business seeking to improve profits, efficiency, customer service, and employee engagement by embracing LEAN Thinking principles, with a strong emphasis on teamwork to eliminate wasteful processes and ineffective procedures.

The hands-on, facilitated workshop will be led by Stuart Nelson & Eamon McKenna of Jigsaw Better Business, introducing a new way of thinking through discussions, breakouts, and group activities. Discover how the one-to-one guidance in Phase 2 can transform your business for the better!

Is this program for you? 

Of the 2000 business that have taken part in the program nationally these were the primary reasons:

  1. Increase competitiveness.
  2. Improve delivery times.
  3. Work faster
  4. Improve productivity.
  5. Understand and reduce waste.
  6. Improve data & admin processes.
  7. Layout improvement
  8. Process and efficiency improvement
  9. Reduce congestion.
  10. Streamline process.


What happens after Phase 1?


Companies in Phase 1 can compete for a coveted spot in Phase 2*. Here, a dedicated Lean Coach will work with them on a 1-to-1 basis for 5 x ½ days. During this phase, companies will apply Phase 1 learnings, delivering a cost-saving project or improvement, just like other successful participants.

*Note: Phase 2 is competitive, significantly subsidized, and a nominal charge will apply. In some cases, pre-approval for Phase 2 is possible before this workshop.


Feedback from Past Participants in the Lean Program

  • “We are being challenged in every visit, and growing each time”.
  • “It’s hard work on our part but we are making great headway.  Our Lean Coach is excellent at drawing out what way I need to look at how I work, and I’ve already started implementing everything and seeing progress.”
  • “Very positive experience, the changes are being realised immediately.”
  • “Each of the sessions have been of major benefit for myself and the company. We have worked on a process flow map for a major process within the business. This will allow the company to benefit for years to come as we can adopt this way of thinking into other functions and departments.”
  • “We are incredibly happy with the work done. By implementing the new system and planning the data migration, we left the project with a tangible cloud-based platform that completely changed our way of working.”
  • “Since we took part in the program, there is a greater sense of calm and control in the running of the business!”
  • I am impressed by the collaborative and nuanced way the trainers and coaches promote the Lean process to a small business so that it is a learning we buy into rather than a diktat that you as experts know best.”

Video Testimonials


Places are limited - “when they are gone! they are gone”. By embracing this Transform Your Business with Lean Thinking Program, your business can unlock its full potential and achieve sustainable growth in today’s costly and competitive landscape.