Agile Innovation Fund

Agile Innovation Fund

Agile Innovation Fund 1


The new measure has been introduced by Enterprise Ireland and can help clients of Local Enterprise South Dublin respond more quickly to market opportunities and challenges, including those posed by Brexit.

Offering fast-track approval and a streamlined online application process, the new Agile Innovation Fund will allow companies, including small companies, to access up to 45% or 50% in support for product, process or service development projects with a total cost of up to €300,000.

Responding to the export challenges and opportunities presented to companies, the new fund is designed to help companies develop new products, processes and services for new market opportunities, enabling exporters to respond quickly and maximise export performance.

Other Local Enterprise Office clients around the country that have benefitted from innovation funding recently include:

New Avenue (                      

Studyclix (

TrustVet (                        

Paleo Ireland (

Waters + Wild (               

Big Red Barn (

Herdwatch (                               

Intellicom (

Data Storage & Management Ltd (      

Hope Beer (          

Aviation Selection Consultants (

Pip and Pear (                           

Kinvara Skincare (

On June 28th, Enterprise Ireland is hosting an Agile Innovation Supports Event for interested companies at Treacys Oakwood Hotel in Shannon, which is free to attend.

More information around the new Agile Innovation Fund is available through Local Enterprise Office South Dublin at or by visiting