Bridging Borders with Innovation

30 Nov 10:00 to 14:00

Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre


Bridging Borders with Innovation

At this event you will learn about the importance of innovation management and new international standards, how cross border collaboration can drive and enable innovation, and what support is available to help you achieve it.

Collaborating to Innovate

Innovation encompasses a huge range transformation activities from looking for new ideas, to R&D, to finding new ways to sell your products or services. These activities can often be done better or faster by collaborating or partnering with another organisation.

Today’s successful businesses don’t work alone. They concentrate on what they are good at, creating something different or unique, and carefully choosing partners to deliver on other key activities. Collaborating (in lots of ways) gets you there quicker!

Why attend?

There are many grants available to help fund innovative projects. However this event will explore innovation capacity – your ability to spot and capture new trends, take advantage of emerging technologies, re-energize your manufacturing processes, and accelerate the pace at which you grow your business. Put simply, it’s about how you plan, manage and implement innovation.

We will also discuss what support is available in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to improve that capacity, with a particular focus on collaboration.

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10:00Registration & coffee
10:30EEN Overview
10:50Paul Kavanagh, ABC Growth Driver
11:10Neil Ryan, Intertrade Ireland Co_Innovate
11:30Guest speaker: Dr. Martin McGurk RTC North, International Innovation Management Standards
11:50Q & A
12:20Joel Ferguson, H2020 SME Instrument Coaching
12:40Innovate to Succeed
13:00Q & A

Lunch & informal 1-1's