Cafe and Restaurant Enterprise Development Programme

Café and Restaurant Enterprise Development Programme

This two day programme will be run by James Burke and foodservice expert Neil Shirt. Targeted at those starting a café or restaurant or within the first two years of set up can apply, cafes and restaurants who are open longer than this but experiencing some difficulty, are also suitable.

Dates: 13th & 27th November

Location: Finnstown House

Time: 09.30 - 16.30

Workshop Content

Day One Managing the Business- 13th November 2017

  • Understanding the critical role of the business owner
  • Becoming a better manager through time management
  • Developing a sales growth plan
  • Better buying and negotiation with your suppliers
  • Profit improvement initiatives
  • Developing a robust marketing plan
  • Menu development
  • Maximising your front of house skills
  • Developing your foodservice brand
  • Ensuring margin management controls are maximised
  • Understanding Dublin’s food culture
  • Managing portion control

Day Two Marketing Your Uniqueness - 27th November 2017

  • Marketing for foodservice operators
  • Generating PR for your business
  • Harnessing digital media to support your business
  • Linking the menu and the provenance of your producers
  • Exploring the merits of on line deals
  • Understanding the role to trip advisor and other rating sites
  • Targeting food writers and other influencers
  • Setting up your own data base
  • Targeting corporate business
  • Targeting the food tourist