Kick Start your Food Business

Kickstart Your Own Food Business Programme

‘Kick start your own Food Business' programme is a short two day programme designed to help those with a food idea, or those at a very early stage of starting up a food business (first 24 months) to understand a base knowledge of what is involved in setting up a food business.

The content is designed to provide you with information which will allow you to avoid the pit falls normally associated with this journey. The programme content assumes you have the required business knowledge to run your enterprise e.g. you must already understand the basics of setting up a business, tax compliance rules, creating a business plan etc.

While certain aspects of the programme are relevant to those setting up cafes/restaurants, the core programme content is designed for those producing food to be sold through third parties i.e. food producers. For those considering applying for the Food Academy Programme in the future, this programme will provide an excellent opportunity to boost your chances of securing a place.

This programme is run by James Burke & Associates who have a wealth of industry experience in both the retail and foodservice sectors:-

Training Dates: August-September 2016

The Kick Start your Food Business Programme takes place over two days as follows:-

Training Day 1: 24th August 9:30am – 4:30pm

Training Day 2: 7th September 9:30am – 4:30pm


Finnstown Castle Hotel, Newcastle Road, Lucan

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What do I need to bring?

You are not required to bring anything with you. Over 15 different hand-outs, best practice sheets and templates will be provided.

Lunch and refreshments will also be provided.

For further information: Download Programme PDF