Pricing for Profit Workshop on 18th January


Pricing for Profit Workshop

Join Ed Flanagan on this half day workshop where you will learn to understand your costings, your competition, along with the value of your time, to grow a profitable business.

Who the course is forThis course is for small and medium enterprises who want to understand the key elements of their costs and how to determine their pricing to ensure they are competitive AND profitable. The course will help demystify how to measure your business and be confident with your pricing. The approach will apply to both products and services businesses.

What it is aboutTo be profitable, you must understand your costs, and be informed how to structure your pricing. The course will show you the practical easy to learn step by step techniques to help you do this for your business and its products and services. Basic information is all that is required to become very skilled at controlling the costs and confident with pricing to make a profit.

What areas it coversThe course will cover the key elements of cost in your business and how these should be categorised to help you structure the price of your products and services so that you make a profit.

What to expect to take away from this course and what are the requirements for this course.Participants can expect to be able to identify the key elements of cost in their business and how to structure these so that they can determine the pricing for their products and services so that they are profitable. Accounting knowledge is not required for this course as the basics will be covered as needed.

It takes place on Thursday 18th January from 8am to 1pm at the Red Cow Hotel, and costs €40.

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