VR World Congress


WR World Congress

11th - 13th of April, 2017. Bristol, UK.

VRWC is an industry-leading VR conference and expo spanning three days with a raft of world-class speakers and exhibotrs.

Taking place in four of Bristol's unique venues, VRWC will bring 2000 international guests to one of the UK's leading tech sectors.

EEN Brokerage Event

The first day of the conference, 11th of April will be a full day of B2B meetings for companies wanting to form national and international partnerships with others interested in and/or working in the industry.

  • 120 companies taking part
  • 500 B2B meetings to be brokered
  • Short, sharp 20 min business meetings to foster collaboration
  • Welcoming commercial as well as R&D and academic institutions
  • Topics including but not limited to: Culture/Tourism, Audio-Visual/Entertainment, Education, Gaming, Healthcare, Retail and Transport/Mobility
  • To purchase tickets including our early bird discounts or for further information about VRWC please visit the VRWC website, or to book meetings go to www.b2match.eu/vrwc2017 | Contact: EENSW@businesswest.co.uk