Want to Increase Revenue? Get access to New Markets?

Create your trading online presence with up to €2,500 to be used to build or enhance the online trading component of your website.

Trading Online Voucher Scheme

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme offers small businesses the opportunity to develop their website or digital marketing strategy by availing of vouchers of up to €2,500 or 50% of eligible expenditure.

Find out if your company is eligible to apply - check the Eligibility criteria for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme

If you meet the eligibility criteria to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme you must first attend a training seminar on how to use and get the best value for money from the voucher. (Only 1 person from each business may attend)

Upcoming Training Seminar Dates

LEO South Dublin are currently running 2 training seminars to facilitate people applying for the Trading Online Voucher and are now available for booking on the following dates: 

22nd February & 29th February, 2016

 Please note that you are only required to attend one seminar, so you should only book one of the two days available.


  • 09.15 - 09.30     Registration
  • 09.30 - 11.00     Training on Trading Online Voucher Scheme
  • 11.00 - 11.15     Tea/Coffee
  • 11.15 - 13.00     Training on Trading Online Voucher Scheme
  • 13.00 - 13.15     Q&A session and Conclusion

Click on this link to go directly to book your place on the training session on 22nd February 2015:



 Click on this like to go directly to book your place on the training session on 29th February 2015: