About Us

The Local Enterprise Office Wicklow promotes the development of enterprise in County Wicklow by focusing on the creation of enterprise awareness, providing management training and mentoring services for small business and by providing a range of financial incentives.

A network of thirty-one Local Enterprise Offices are based nationally through the local authorities and will still act as ‘one-stop shops’ to deliver enterprise supports in their local regions.

Our Objectives

The focus of the  Local Enterprise Office Wicklow is strategic and its key objectives are:

  • Excellent Service: To provide an excellent level of service to all who come into contact with the Local Enterprise Office.
  • Fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship: To encourage the strengthening of a pervasive entrepreneurial climate that will inspire the creation of new enterprises and provide a supportive environment for business in County Wicklow
  • Supporting new enterprises: To appropriately support entrepreneurs to create dynamic new enterprises within the county, particularly those which have the capability to grow and develop
  • Developing existing enterprises: To address the needs of existing enterprises to increase their competitiveness, innovation and management capability, and 
  • Supporting growth: To support those owner-managers, who wish to grow their businesses, to achieve the full potential of their enterprises.