Procurement in Wicklow County Council

What is “procurement”?

Procurement is the process through which Wicklow County Council buys its supplies, services or works. Wicklow County Council purchases a vast amount across these categories. The Council’s procurement revenue spend in 2013 was approximately €31 million.

Corporate Mission Statement

The Procurement Function of Wicklow County Council is committed to the procurement of supplies, services and works in the most efficient and effective way to achieve the lowest cost consistent with quality that meets or exceeds end user requirements in the delivery of services to the citizens of County Wicklow.

Doing Business with Us

The Council is also conscious of its obligations to ensure that its procurement processes are open and transparent, and that suppliers understand how to do business with us.

The Council’s Supplier Information Booklet has been prepared to give general information and guidance as part of our ongoing policy to facilitate suppliers in doing business with us.

Supplier Information Booklet.pdf

Procurement Supplier Charter.pdf

Upcoming Tender Opportunities

Supplier Listing

Sometimes, the Council procures goods, services, or works by Direct Invite. These will be contracts for supplies, services or works which are not included in alternative frameworks and which are below the limits of tender requirement. In these cases the Council will seek direct quotations from suppliers. Please click on the following link: Supplier Submission Form, (  if you wish to provide your company’s details to the Council for inclusion on a supplier listing. The inclusion of a supplier on the list does not constitute a commitment or guarantee to procure any products from the Supplier and does not confer any exclusivity on the Supplier. 

Contacting Wickow County Council Procurement Section

Phone: 0404 20100Email: Address: Procurement Section Wicklow County Council County Buildings Wicklow

Other useful links

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