FAQs about Financial Assistance and Other Supports

What type of projects qualify for grant aid from LEO Wicklow?

LEO interventions are targeted at projects in manufacturing and internationally traded services sectors employing ten or less people. To qualify for grant aid the promoters must demonstrate that:

  • The project is in the commercial sphere and is capable of obtaining economic viability without ongoing Exchequer or EU assistance.
  • The project is in manufacturing or internationally traded services.
  • There is a market for the proposed product or service.
  • Adequate overall finance will be available to fund the project.
  • The person, group or company possesses the management and technical capacity to implement the proposed project.
  • The Project has the capacity to create new direct employment either full or part-time or seasonal.
  • The number of full time employees does not exceed 10 people
  • The business activity is located and operational within the Wicklow geographical area. 

Projects will not be assisted where projects are :

  • In areas of enterprise that there is already sufficient firms participating and the proposal would lead to job displacement elsewhere.
  • In areas of enterprise on the EU and National Sensitive Lists.
  • In areas of enterprise coming under other schemes or operational programmes.
  • Contrary to national policy.
  • Involving primary agricultural production.
  • Where investment is in mobile assets.
  • In the area of retail, wholesale, distribution, professional services and personal services ( Please note that while these business are not eligible to apply for priming grants or business expansion grants, they are eligible to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme)

If a project does not qualify for grant aid, can it avail of other assistance?

Yes, in fact a wide range of non-financial supports are available to businesses regardless of whether or not they qualify for grant assistance. These services are geared specifically to the needs of small Wicklow based businesses. These include advice, information and management training.

How do I apply for grant aid?

The first step in any financial assistance application is to speak to a representative of the Local Enterprise Office, please phone 0404 30800 or email enterprise@leo.wicklowcoco.ie and we can arrange a meeting for you with one of our business advisors in our weekly clinics to discuss your proposal in confidence and determine the eligibility of your project.  

Are there any Supports towards the Employment of Additional Staff?

  • Grant assistance towards the employment cost of new employees for eligible companies  is available under the Local Enterprise Office Priming or Business Expansion Grants. 
  • Assistance to recruit a sales person targeting business in Northern Ireland is available via the Acumen Programme
  • The JobsPlus Scheme provides employers  with financial incentive for hiring people who have been out of work for some time

Are there any Supports for New Product Development ?

A number of supports may be applicable to support you with New Product Development. Please phone 0404 30800 to schedule an appointment with one of our business advisors in our weekly business advice clinics who can advise on your specific circumstances.

Current available supports include:

What supports are available to get my business selling on line?

Trading Online Voucher scheme run by Local Enterprise offices - 50% of cost of new e-commerce website 

I am considering exporting what supports are available?

  • Micro-exporters Grant support scheme – small grant scheme from LEO Wicklow to help with trade shows costs in export markets. Eligibility criteria apply, please schedule an appointment in our weekly business advice clinic to explore this option.
  • Get Export Ready – workshops and supports from Enterprise Ireland 
  • Intertrade Ireland – advisory state body for those looking to export to Northern Ireland including support for market research and selling into the region - 
  • Irish Exporters Association –  information and advice for first time exporters and supports for existing exporters