Launch of New Training Opportunities for Food & Beverage Enthusiasts in Co. Wicklow

Launch of New Training Opportunities for Food & Beverage Enthusiasts in Co. Wicklow

Co. Wicklow has seen an increased amount of activity on its food prospect in the past number of years. In spite of the turbulent trading conditions of the last two years,  the food and beverage sectors has shown remarkable resilience: Producer numbers have grown, new food and beverage categories have emerged, and there is a robust food calendar. To support this new growth Local Enterprise Office Wicklow has launched two new training programmes aimed at food enthusiasts in Co. Wicklow to support individuals starting their food and beverage journey or established businesses looking to explore new routes to markets.

Start Your Own Food Business takes place on the 9th February 2022 at a cost of €20. This is an essential course for those interested in starting a local artisan food business in Wicklow. The course caters for those exploring the possibility of operating a café, food trailer, or manufacturing local food product.

Pathways to Growth for your Food or Beverage Business: Workshops commences on the 8th February at a cost of €100. Four workshops will take place in total covering the following:

  1. 8th February: Programme launch and Overview of food and beverage sector.
  2. 1st March: Food Service Sector re-emerging opportunities.
  3. 22nd March: Making online selling for Food and Drink Work.
  4. 12th April: Exploring Discounter Route to market.

Food & Beverage Business Advisor, Annette Rowsome is encouraging food & beverage enthusiasts to participate in these upcoming courses, “In 2022 the Local Enterprise Office is focused on enabling Wicklow’s food or beverage entrepreneurs to take the next important step forward on their business journey.  Whether it is a tentative first step to setting up a food and beverage operation or a bold leap by established brands into new markets, we have a comprehensive suite of training programmes and workshops led by sectoral experts to provide practical guidance and support.”

Both courses can be booked though Local Enterprise Office Wicklow’s website: