Evaluation Meeting Dates & Deadlines

Evaluation and Approval's Committee Dates

The Evaluation & Approval's Committee meet about six times per year.  The following are dates for 2022 meetings along with deadlines to get all relevant documentation into LEO Wicklow to prepare for the meeting:

Evaluation Committee Date

Deadline to Submit ALL relevant documentation

Tuesday - 22nd February 2022Friday - 14th January 2022
Tuesday - 12th April 2022Friday - 11th March 2022
Tuesday - 14th June 2022Friday - 13th May 2022
Tuesday - 13th September 2022Friday - 05th August 2022
Tuesday - 8th November 2022Friday -  30th September 2022
Tuesday - 6th December 2022Tuesday - 01st November 2022

Please note that in order to submit an application for grant assistance, you must first contact our office, meet with our Business Advisor in order to ascertain eligibility.  If considered eligible, you will be give the relevant application form and you will be informed what documentation is required in order to apply for the grant.