Information Technology

All the below are web based applications which can help save you money and make a business more efficient

  • GMail – Great for storing lots of mail or for filtering existing mail accounts by having GMail check the mail first, filtering it for spam and then you download from GMail using Outlook
  • Google Docs –
  • Google Alerts - Monitor the web for mentions of your company, your name and your competitors. See what others are saying. You will be emailed every time something new goes online.
  • Bloglines - A more powerful version of Google Alerts with lots more ways of searching and monitoring the web for mentions of your company.
  • Facebook - a social networking websites, almost like a privately owned World Wide Webs with a lot of users. If you want to market to people who use these sites, it is worth creating a profile (like a webpage on these sites)
  • Twitter – Public text messaging. The website allows people to subscribe to your account on this website and so any message you sent out is texted for free to all the subscribers. It can be used for private group texting of all staff from a mobile or computer or public text messaging to anyone who signs up.
  • Statcounter – An easy way to measure the number of visits to your website and also see what websites are sending visitors to you and also what search words they are using to find your website.
  • RSS feeds - learn how to subscribe to RSS feeds by watching this short video