Dréimire Language Services

Dréimire Language Services

Dréimire Language Services was founded in April 2020 by Dónal Ó Gallachóir. An Irish language translation business, they have provided translation and proofreading services to various clients in the public and private sector, including 8 different county councils, 5 state organisations and a number of other private sector bodies in Ireland and internationally.

Dréimire have also provided translations to the creative industry, working with authors, musicians to translate songs and books to Irish.

Starting a Business

Dónal, who has a background in Irish language studies and website management, recognised the potential to start a translation business due to the amount of request they received consistently. “The demand was clear at that time.”

What do you believe makes your business different from others in your industry?

“We are greener, leaner, more innovative and more efficient than our competitors.” Says Dónal

Biggest Challenges and Opportunities to date?

As such a niche product, Dónal tells us of some challenges he’s faced but also some opportunities; “Managing upscaling and growth and attracting new business at the same time has been a challenge. However, we have acquired 5 ongoing contracts with organisations to provide language translation services”

Tried & Tested Approach

When asked if they ever changed their business model, Dónal tell us that they haven’t needed to yet. “We are using the same approach since we were founded in 2020”

Stand Out Moment

For Dréimire Language Services, having support from the Local Enterprise Office was a standout moment.

We made a successful application for a Business Expansion Grant through the LEO. This gave me great confidence we have a sustainable and viable business.”

LEO Supports

Dréimire Language Services has benefitted from a number of LEO Supports including the

Digital Start Programme, a Business Expansion Grant and more recently they have completed the Green for Business Programme which has helped them become a business who is committed to sustainable practices.

Plans for the future? 

“Hire more employees, expand our technology offering, and expand into other languages.”

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

“Use all your resources and contacts to gather advice and feedback on your business. This will help with assessment of where you are at.”