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Born and bred in the heart of Dublin City Centre, FRESH.CUTS. Clothing began selling their original designs and garments in Cow's Lane Designer Market in 2015. An Independent family business, FRESH.CUTS. Clothing was founded and is run by husband and wife team Lorna & Steven. The idea was to give people an option to choose better but not compromise on style or quality.

FRESH.CUTS use organic materials and ethical practices – Lorna & Steven are environmentally conscious and refuse to allow their brand to be associated with inhumane working conditions or to add to an already polluted planet.

“Never giving up on our commitment to style or quality we are committed to a sustainable future.” the couple tell us. Every step of the process, from design to production is controlled by the team. Today all FRESH.CUTS items are 100% GOTs certified organic cotton and come delivered in a compostable mailer. Lorna and Steven have taken FRESH.CUTS. on a journey towards being a sustainable company their family can be proud of.

“I (Steven) have a background in business and finance and my wife Lorna has a background in fashion design. I think having worked in our respected industries we both felt the need to create something for ourselves. A purpose to work for and something we could put time and energy into and see it grow and develop” says Steven.

The pair knew that they were on to something big and in 2016, they left their jobs to develop FRESH.CUTS. full time.

A Pioneer in Sustainable Clothing

While sustainability is a hot topic now and something businesses are actively striving to achieve, in 2015 this wasn’t the case.
“When we started FRESH.CUTS., we wanted sustainability at the forefront of what we do. This was way before anyone else was looking into sustainability. It is something that is ingrained in our profile and not just a marketing ploy (greenwashing). We really are a sustainable company. I think this shows through our work and how we produce our clothing. We design and produce all our own garments so inevitably we will have our own unique Fresh Cuts style as well that people have become accustomed to.”

Biggest Challenges & Biggest Opportunities

The Covid-19 pandemic was both the biggest challenge and biggest opportunity for Lorna & Steven. Restrictions meant that many non- essential businesses were forced to close for a period of time, this included clothing stores so Lorna & Steven had to think on their feet to keep FRESH.CUTS. going.
“The initial period was very stressful as we had lost our retail unit and the world was in turmoil. The opportunity then came from online sales and developing this channel more. We had the time to upgrade and implement plans for the channel and then when time came to open our retail store again we were able to have the two channels running together. Opening any retail shop (we have had 3 in Dublin City) has its challenges and opportunities as well but thankfully we are still here in our new location at 13 Castle Market.”, the dynamic duo tells us.

A Business Model That Works

FRESH.CUTS. Clothing is an omni-channel business meaning that they operate both online and have physical bricks and mortar stores.

“This was always the idea and the way we operated- it works for us!”

A Stand Out Moment to be Proud Of

“When we opened our retail unit on Castel Market it felt like it was a 5 year process and a real standout moment for us. All our other units had been pop ups and short term rentals. This new unit is a long term lease and feels like we have now got roots in the city and are finally able to grow.”, smiles Steven.

LEO Supports

“We have availed of two Trading Online Vouchers from LEO that have been instrumental in helping us grow our online presence and develop our website along with our social channels and marketing. We also got a Business Expansion Grant in early 2020 that enabled us to be able to hire our first Marketing employee”

2023 & Beyond

Expansion is on the cards for FRESH.CUTS and with sustainability being hugely important to most of the world right now, the only way is up for the business.
“We are going to build on our retail locations along with online sales and really push the brand into 2023”

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs?

“Talk to as many people as you can and get the help that is needed!”

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13 Castle Market , Dublin 2