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Hatched Analytics is an Alternative Data Provider founded in 2016. They are a team of 10, based in Dublin.

 “Hatched Analytics was founded with a vision: to become the most accurate alternative data source for headline performance of companies worldwide.” says Donal Byrne, founder of Hatched Analytics.

Hatched Analytics specialise in producing alpha-generating, global datasets predicting company KPIs with a high degree of accuracy.  Hatched sells 37 reports to more than 40 institutional investors – typically big hedge funds based in New York, London and Hong Kong.



While undertaking a consultancy project for a client, it occurred to Donal that he could study their competitor’s digital business and get an accurate read on how they were performing online. He noticed interesting patterns in data that was previously undiscovered and knew that someone could benefit from this data.

“We knew this information was unique to other competitor analysis products, and our curiosity has driven us to find various approaches to monetise it.”

The forward thinking business cites curiosity as their greatest driver, with co-founder Charmaine saying; “We have kept moving forward and doing new things because we are curious- and that curiosity leads us down new paths”.



“We spent the next few years trying to figure out the business model.  Our initial idea was to be a competitor analysis business e.g. collect data on Company X and offer it to Company Y.  However, this business model was quite challenging as we would have to find new customers every time we launched a report.  Nonetheless, we were determined to find a business model that worked.” says Donal.

The team did exactly that; Hatched Analytics identified their niche and has grown year-on-year since its inception.


Making the decision to become self employed

Donal made the decision to dedicate 100% of his time to the business in 2017.

“We were confident that these reports would be valuable to financial investors, and they would likely purchase multiple reports based on their stock portfolios.  Finally, we found a company specialising in this space in the US, who agreed to sell our reports.  Shortly after, I decided to fully focus on this business and partnered with my cofounder - Charmaine Kenny.”

Challenges & Opportunities

Working with this reseller was the biggest break for Hatched Analytics, as it allowed them to focus on developing new product without worrying about sales and client engagements.

However, their biggest opportunity also created the biggest challenge – only one company knew Hatched existed – the reseller.

“The reseller was not incentivised to share our name with their clients. At the start of 2020, we decided that it is time for Hatched to be independent, thus, we started to offer reports directly to clients.”

This has proven to be a great business move for Hatched- the company now gets instant feedback and constant engagement from client interactions.


LEO Supports

Hatched Analytics has benefitted from some of the financial supports the Local Enterprise Office offers. In 2017, when the company was in its inception stage, they applied for a Feasibility Grant, which was awarded to them. This helped get the business off the ground. In 2021, they applied for the Business Expansion Grant, which they were also awarded.

“LEO has really helped us grow the business and expand the team.  In 2021, we got grants for three new hires, allowing us to grow the three parts of the operation in parallel. Without this, we would have introduced bottlenecks.”

Adapting to Covid 19

Donal and Charmaine made the decision to step away from the reseller a month before Covid hit.

"We began our direct-to-market journey in Q1 2020.  The industry quickly moved online due to the travel restrictions.  Things are going well but we couldn’t compare it to a non—Covid time.”, Donal tells us.

Next Steps, 2022 & beyond

Expansion is on the cards for Hatched Analytics, something they have been working tirelessly towards, especially now that networking events are back.

“Covid restrictions have eased now, all the conferences are returning to in-person events. This has been a fresh challenge and opportunity for us- It will be costly to go to an event in New York compared to online events. We believe we should get more leads from them, but time will tell.”



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