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Women in Business Awards Rising Star 2018

Epic Toasties - Great Coffee - Yummy Treats - Vegan & Dog Friendly

Starting a business – the inspiration for Meltdown

I have always wanted to open my own business. In the past I was unsuccessful due to lack of experience and maturity. I had tried a few things – a food stall in a Christmas market, a job as a development chef, account management, commercialisation in multinational company…some of it I really enjoyed but ultimately I wanted more autonomy over the business. I had found what I thought was my business unit and applied for a business loan before my last day in work last January. I didn’t give up on the dream of running and owning my own business!

Some tips to running your own business

  • Technology

I’ve embraced technology. It’s helped me with time management. Things that I used to struggle to get done in a week I can now achieve in an hour.

  • Be the best boss

A strength is understanding employees. Luckily I have been an employee myself for so long I can appreciate the journey they are on, which has enabled me to hold on to staff.  I try to be as conscientious as possible with the team by being flexible with hours and being on stand by for sick days, personal issues etc. I also do social nights and staff parties for team building every 3 months. 

  •  Think Strategically

Running your own business is all consuming. At first, I found it quite difficult to take guilt free days off initially, and I was working myself to the bone. It’s important to keep motivated and not burn out. Taking a step back actually helps me to think more strategically. Making time for exercise and general well-being is also very important to me. 

  •  Network

Running your own business can also be isolating. I was always used to being part of a team and now I am the boss which can be daunting. I went to the Local Enterprise Office meet ups for the opportunity to meet other people in similar situations. I have met 5 woman who have set up cafes in the last year. Additionally, I just created a whatsapp group to share our mishaps and advise which is great and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. Ultimately I believe all challenges are opportunities waiting to be discovered and luckily my path as cafe owner has been taken by many before me, so the solutions are there I just need to find the best one. 

Meltdown – An epic toastie business in a competitive restaurant industry

Meltdown stands apart because of our ethos:

  • Having been a chef, all items on the menu do not compromise on flavour
  • I’ve made the simple unanimously loved toastie and made it better than it ever has been!
  • I am always trying to add to the community and support other businesses and initiatives whatever way I can

 Local Enterprise Office Supports

The encouragement I've received from the LEO has been amazing I try to go to women in business meetings every few weeks. I find I leave feeling revived and ready to strive forward with my business again.

Next steps for Meltdown

I’m fine tuning the business with expansion plans for an additional location during 2019. I don’t want to compromise our standards by expanding too quickly. I am also diversifying into a retail product with the launch of ‘Meltdown Hot Sauce’ through a supermarket chain in the second half of 2019.

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