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Nutty Delights are Ireland’s first and only dried fruit and nuts retailer. Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Nik & Vashali Mehta, they are a family-owned business that specialize in the sale and distribution of gourmet nuts, dried fruits and nut products.

“As a brand and company, our objective is to provide top of the range nut and dry fruit foods that are tasty, nutritious, and accessible to the public, while also working to reduce our carbon footprint by becoming Dublin’s first-ever permanent zero-waste store at the time of establishment.”

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Prior to 2016, co-founder Nik’s professional background was in the taxi industry, where he held the position of Operations Manager. However, the industry was undergoing a major digital transformation, which led to significant changes in the business landscape.

 “My partner and I have always shared a strong desire to establish our own enterprise, driven by our shared passion for making a tangible, positive difference in the community. This unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility has been the cornerstone of our business, shaping our mission to create a company that not only thrives economically but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future for our planet.”

Becoming Self Employed

For Nik & Vashali, 2016 felt like the right time to become self-employed. They took the plunge and started their venture Nutty Delights.

“We wanted to create something of our own, working directly with customers in the retail space.”

Strides Ahead of the Rest

“What sets our business apart from others in the industry is our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We have revolutionized the traditional nuts and dried fruits business by introducing a sustainable, plastic-free pick-and-mix model in our retail stores.” Nik tells us.


Challenges & Opportunities

Like the majority of businesses in Ireland, Nik & Vashali found the Covid 19 pandemic & Brexit to be the two biggest hurdles to overcome. But like many others, these hurdles also gave them wonderful opportunities.

“The biggest challenges we faced were the impact of COVID-19 on our physical stores and the complications arising from Brexit. However, these challenges also presented opportunities, as we successfully pivoted to an online model and expanded our offerings to include pantry items and food ingredients.”

The team changed their business model to focus on e-commerce after COVID-19 forced them to close their physical stores. This pivot allowed them to serve a wider customer base across Europe, the UK, and even the US.

Stand Out Moment

“A standout moment for us was the success of our email campaigns and online ads targeting people working from home during the pandemic. This validated our e-commerce strategy and helped us recover after closing our physical stores.”

LEO Supports

“Throughout our journey, we have received tremendous support from LEO, including multiple mentoring sessions, Trading Online Vouchers, and participation in the Lean for Micro and Lean Digital Start processes. Their continuous support and assistance have been invaluable.”

Nutty Delights have benefitted from various training supports and consultancy such as;

  • Food Starter
  • Pitching Your Business To Investors
  • Are You Ready to Export? – How to Take Those First Steps
  • Discover the Benefits of Digitalisation for Microenterprise & many more


Future Plans

“Our future plans include developing our e-commerce platform as a nationwide pantry solution, food ingredient supplier, and provider of high-quality, premium food products in bulk. We aim to reach every person in Ireland and expand our market in the UK and Europe.”

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

“Do not fear to reach out. As a new entrepreneur, it's crucial to seek advice, support, and mentorship from experienced individuals and organizations like LEO. Embrace learning, adapt to challenges, and maintain a long-term focus. Learn from setbacks and surround yourself with a solid team. Consider scalability when starting a business for long-term growth and success.”

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Unit 8 Georges Street Arcade,
South Great George's Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland.

Website: Premium Retailer of Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Fruits | Nutty Delights


Tel: +353 87 136 5925