Q&A with Ray Mongey from GLUE

Q&A with Ray Mongey from GLUE Q&A with Ray Mongey from GLUE


We discuss the ‘wow factor’, doing business in Dubai and bringing blockbuster movie effects to on-line videos with the Managing Director of GLUE, Ray Mongey.


GLUE, set up in 2013, is a visual effects company, which creatively and technically push the boundaries of digital video with the latest technology.


After being involved in film and computer game animation industries since graduating college, Ray has also travelled the globe while working as a freelance 3D artist.




Ray, tell us about ‘GLUE’?


There are many reasons why GLUE exists today, primarily because video production companies creating corporate and safety training videos need to engage their audiences and make more of an impact to grab their attention.


With recent advances in internet speeds and bandwidth - in addition to the latest mobile technologies such as 4G - online video is becoming the standard and everyone expects a high impact ‘wow factor’. We provide this extra layer of ‘wow’ to production companies to help them deliver more immersive content.


What can you do for customers and what type of industries do you work across?


We create digital content for companies to either explain their product or service. To do this, we often utilise 3D animation to add visually stunning graphics layered on top of existing video footage.


At present we cater for large film, exhibition, corporate, safety training and service / product explainer videos. GLUE brings blockbuster movie effects to these videos to promote excellence and engage audiences


Being a borderless content creation company, we have worked seamlessly with clients from around the world including Ireland, UK and the UAE.


We have completed a number of projects for our clients to date and continue to build relationships with production companies worldwide. The types of industries we have worked with include Oil, Pharmaceutical, Food, Construction, Education and Manufacturing.



Can you tell us about your video production system and your time-accurate feedback system?


Over the past six months, our coders and creatives have developed custom systems including a fully automated video production system which allows our client’s customers to customise videos and share via social media.


We have created a time-accurate feedback system which makes the entire video production process easier for clients as it not only allows them to accurately give feedback during the video creation process, but also allows us to document every step along the way which gives our team and our clients up-to-date progress status on their production.



What types of projects and clients have you worked with so far?


In the first quarter of 2015, we have finished working on Vision 2021: A Dubai-based initiative promoting growth in the pharmaceutical sector and building relationships between Germany and the UAE. 


We have worked on another Eircom promotional video for a Dublin-based production company and have also created graphics and 3D animation on a safety training video for UK-based BBMV.


The most recent project we worked on, was for the UAE company where we brought to life a CG falcon soaring over the impressive Dubai skyline. In the last year, we have been involved with projects for The National Lottery, LEGO, The British Council and MARS to name a few.


What does 2015 hold for GLUE?


Right now, I'm in Dubai with a week of meetings ahead to grow relationships with new and existing clients here to secure future work for our business.


Upcoming projects in the next few months involve: exhibitions, video animation sequences, two feature films visual effects work, a number of corporate video works, a second charity donation automated video for the general public and some of our own promotional videos.



How have the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City supported your business so far?


The Local Enterprise Office Dublin City’s support has been a great help to GLUE. It is the first step on the ladder that a lot of companies need.


The financial and mentoring advice has been invaluable as it's enabled me to take on full-time staff and build on our existing equipment base.


Each of these elements would take months and months to become reality and this support allows me to move the business forward.



What advice do you have for other creative entrepreneurs, who may be thinking of starting their own business?


It’s not going to be easy - there are many hurdles and a lot of ups and downs. The main thing to remember is that there is a need for your service or product that is missing or going to improve upon something that already exists. Do your homework, research your idea. Make the process easier and better too.


The more you can find mentorship the better. You'd be surprised at how many business owners are happy to lend advice to your start-up. Programmes such those offered by the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City and New Frontiers are invaluable to your business at the early stages.


I also believe culture is incredibly important, even from the very beginnings of a company. I think every start-up should make clear concise decisions as to how their company will behave and ensure all staff enjoy what they do and are happy with the work they're producing.


For me personally, online learning has come a long way and you'll find some amazing resources on the Internet which will back up a lot of what you are learning through these programmes. I wouldn't be answering this question properly if I don't mention dedication, focus and support from friends and family.... once you have a good starting point, a dedicated team will help move it forward.


And finally….

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Our thanks Ray Mongey for taking part in this interview.


For more information on GLUE, and to have a look at some of the projects which they have worked on, please visit www.glue.ie or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GLUEVFX, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/GLUEVFX, or on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/company/GLUE-vfx,