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Replikate Neuro (Formerly Replikate AI) is a company providing cutting edge neurofeedback training through their technology platform. Founded in 2022, Replikate Neuro helps elite athletes identify and address cognitive and emotional patterns that may hinder their performance, allowing them to develop mental resilience, reduce stress, and enhance decision-making skills under pressure.

We sat down with Pete O’ Mara- Kane and Dr Michael Keane, co – founders of Replicate Neuro to find out more about their company and what inspired them to start this new and exciting venture.

What is your background? What led you to setting up your own business?


I've always been entrepreneurial-minded. I've had a few businesses in the past, and I've always wanted to run my own. When I met Mike, we realised that while our skill sets were completely different, our values aligned so it was just a case of working together to find the right business. Neuroscience has fascinated me for years but I’m much more commercially focused and this created an opportunity with Mike who has got incredible scientific and clinical expertise. Originally, I'm from Navan in Co. Meath and worked abroad for the past 15 years in London, NYC, Singapore and all over Asia. It's always been my ambition to start my own business and build it into a successful Irish enterprise.


I worked in either clinical or academic roles for the first 12 years of my career, between Psychology, Medicine and Neuroscience. I founded 3 laboratories in Galway and Dublin for investigating brain function, but wanted to do something outside of research in particular. This led me to neurofeedback, which allowed me to bring together my neuroscience experience with running a business. I set up Actualise in 2012 but have wanted to explore more scalable options since then. Meeting Pete has felt like I have found the perfect partner to do this.


Why and when did you decide to become self-employed?


I decided to become self-employed after meeting my co-founder, Michael Keane, a neuroscientist, psychologist and medical doctor. We realised that there was an opportunity to create something unique and special by combining our expertise, so we founded Replikate.

I think I was about 7 years old when I first started selling old computer games to my friends in primary school, haha. So that was when I first knew! My grandad was also an entrepreneur so you could say it's in the blood.



I wanted to do something unique here in Ireland, and more recently have felt the drive to build something truly scalable and global. Pete is dragging my head out of the books and into the real world!


What do you believe makes your business different from others in your industry?


We are focused on supporting elite athletes across all sports to achieve their potential. There are numerous individuals and companies that offer services to athletes but where we are different is the fact that we are entirely neuroscience focused and data driven. Perhaps Mike can share a more technical summary but from my perspective, the brain is one part of the body that has perhaps not had the necessary attention to date. We are going to change that.



In terms of elite sports, we are reaching a point of diminishing returns in terms of marginal gains from physiology, strength and conditioning, nutrition, dietetics etc. The brain remains a virtually undiscovered organ in terms of training for competitive advantage in sports and indeed in other areas of high performance and pressure too. Having used neurofeedback as a brain training tool clinically for over a decade, we have accrued the data to be confident in the systems and processes of optimising brain function.

Computing and technical advances, even over the last 10 years, means that measuring and visualising brain function is now relatively easy. However, the application of this technology to real life situations, and linking brain function to behaviour, remains a challenge and this is where we have a real advantage. In addition, we have been involved in the development of newer technologies which make good quality brain training more scalable.

Biggest Challenges and Opportunities to date?


Product market fit! As we enter our first, and hopefully our only pivot we now believe we have overcome this challenge. Beyond this the biggest challenge I have faced as a founder is the self-talk and pressure I put on myself to create momentum and progress. I would add funding and finding the right team is always a challenge so the LEO support was much appreciated. We are in a challenging macro environment but I feel that shouldn't hold people back, it just means we have to start better businesses.


Have you changed your business model or target market? What lead you to this pivot?


Yes! We recently changed both. The main reason was the fact we wanted to focus on areas that we could be truly world class while also deeply passionate. Neuroscience and neurofeedback for athletes offers us that opportunity.


One stand out moment that made you feel like you were on the right path/ or one that made you rethink strategy?(Did it work?)



The moment we started speaking to professionals we knew we were onto something. In the last 4 weeks we have had conversations with NBA teams, NCAA College football teams, the UFC, Premier League teams and professional golfers. The margins are so fine in sport that being able to give a tangible edge is hugely important and valuable. We know we can do that as science can speaks for itself. There are no gimmicks, just data and results.


LEO supports received and direct benefit to you and your business.

So far we are finalising the feasibility grant. Once we win some customers we will move to the Priming Grant.

Working with LEO was incredibly easy and supportive, I would strongly recommend it for any budding business person working on a side hustle or keen to step away from their day job in time. The support has been top notch and really made the process feel inclusive and ultimately that they want us to be a success. We look forward to proving them right.

Plans for the future?


We are having conversations with professional golfers, NBA teams, NFL teams, Premier League teams and the next phase will be converting more clients and then considering our first funding round.


What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?



I would advise new entrepreneurs to start working on their business on the side while still keeping their day job. Don't wait too long to start, but also don't rush into it without having a clear view of what success looks like. Finally, don't get stuck in a rut and never move forward, as this can be just as frustrating in the long run.



Spend time finding the right people to work with.




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