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Sandia Dublin, created in 2017, is an award winning jewellery brand based in Dublin city founded by Venezuelan artist Betzy Nina. It all began when Betzy’s friends began commissioning her to create bespoke pieces for them to wear at parties, special occasions or to simply impress others with their unique piece. As more people became interested, Betzy realised that she could turn her creations into a profitable business.


Hailing from the beautiful country of Venezuela, Betzy’s designs are inspired by the colours of the coastal city where she grew up.

“I'm obsessed with retro furniture, industrial design and colour. I was born in the Caribbean so bright warm tones are a big thing for Sandia Dublin, this combined with a big passion for Dublin's street fashion is definitely what makes me inspired to design. I love how people in town will express themselves by the way they look more than following a fashion trend and that's an influence for me to create.”

Research & overcoming hurdles

“I found it difficult at the beginning to understand income taxes and VAT, but it's easier than I thought. I think getting in touch with the Local Enterprise Office definitely helped me to get focused and in line with the creatives and designers movement in Ireland.” says Betzy.

Becoming Self Employed

As a creative, Betzy has always wanted to be self- employed. She began to sell her pieces at markets and trade shows and this is where she first realised that working full time for herself was now a possibility.

“I might’ve made the decision after I did my first trade show- I got 8 wholesale orders so from then I knew it was possible.

I always wanted to work for myself and have the freedom to do it at my own pace. I'm a creator and inspiration is just not something you can put on to work. Saying this, every time I hear Dolly Parton's song "9 to 5" my brain sings is: "No more 9 to 5, now I work 24 hours"”, Betzy laughs.

Challenges & Opportunities

Exhibiting at Showcase Ireland is a huge opportunity for Sandia Dublin, as it is truly recognised as an Irish Design company. For Betzy, this hasn’t always been the case;

A big challenge for me has been getting more recognition as a non-Irish born Irish designer in the industry.  There's also many opportunities in the country available at the moment for exports, which is exciting.  Another plus is that there are grants to help with online sales and marketing.” explains Betzy.

LEO Supports

Betzy has availed of LEO training supports since the inception of Sandia Dublin e.g.

  • Business Advice Clinic
  • Short training courses in areas of marketing, social media and sales strategy
  • Grants: Trading Online Voucher & Technical Assistance for Micro Exporter’s Grant (TAME)  
  • Mentoring
  • Women in Business Network

“LEO has been the before and after picture of Sandia Dublin. From meeting amazing experts and creatives to being able to have financial support, guidance and opportunities to keep me growing.”

Adapting to Covid 19

With Covid- 19 putting a halt on trade shows and markets and with retail stores shut during lockdown, Betzy sold primarily online and came up with a fun idea to help boost sales and also morale.

“During the first lockdown we came up with the idea of a Mystery box, which was very popular to send to a friend or simply to brighten those confusing days in isolation. We also have a click and collect service available now.” 

Showcase Ireland 2022

Betzy took part in the LEO Dublin City Building Craft & Design Enterprise Programme (BCDE) The programme helps entrepreneurs in the craft and design sphere by offering mentoring, workshops and a trip abroad to explore how other businesses became successful (pre pandemic). Clients then have the opportunity, through the programme, to exhibit their products and designs at Showcase Ireland.

Betzy says; “The program helped my confidence to get stronger and kept me working on Sandia Dublin. Traveling abroad to visit trade shows was also an incredible experience where we learnt so much from mentors and fellow designers. It'll be my third Showcase Ireland and this year I'm so much more prepared to exhibit, there's a lot of details to take into consideration besides the product itself.

2022 & Beyond- Preparing for the future

Betzy has big plans for Sandia Dublin, including expanding.

“More trade shows, more collaborations with retailers, artists and stylists. I'll keep growing the brand in Ireland and abroad using the unique style of Sandia Dublin- Simply bold and boldly simple pieces of jewellery.” The future is bright for Sandia Dublin.

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