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The Beginning


Founded in April 2022 by Richella Boggan and Pheona Croom Johnson, Sandown Business School (SBS) is a new concept in the realm of professional coaching. From the outset, SBS distinguished itself as a purveyor of internationally recognised professional coach training education and senior executive talent development.

Born from a vision to empower and help make the world a better place, the school stands out as an Irish business with an international reach, dedicated to equipping individuals and businesses with the knowledge and skills to excel in today's fast-paced business environment and thrive in their personal lives.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the master coach professionals at SBS, have crafted a hybrid education model that fuses science, artistry and systems to deliver customised and personalised coaching training and coach-mentor offerings. These programmes are enriched with the latest insights from neuroscience, ontology and psychology and offer senior talent easy ways to ‘be’ better, including Leadership SuperVision, Thought Partnering and Senior Talent Development.

“Our coaching pathway is design to help experienced coaches get better and enhance their skills and offers aspiring coaches three opportunities to get professional credentialed as a quality professional coach.”

Becoming Self Employed

The equilibrium of leadership at SBS is embodied by its co-founders. Their partnership is the foundation of the school's philosophy, with their diverse yet complementary backgrounds harmonising to create a robust educational coaching pathway.

Richella Boggan's journey is particularly emblematic of the transformative power that SBS aims to instil in its students. With a storied career spanning 25 years in the fruit and vegetable industry and a subsequent pivot to nutritional therapy and coaching, Richella exemplifies the school's ethos of continuous growth and adaptation.

Pheona Croom Johnson, a highly experienced coaching psychologist, joins Richella in this coaching educational venture, bringing her considerable expertise to the table.

"Our shared mission is to cultivate professional coaches who are not only skilled and ethical but also capable of coaching with power alongside their clients, rather than over them.”

Richella Boggan's narrative is not just one of success but of resilience and reinvention. Her tenure in the produce industry, characterised by early mornings and dynamic sales roles, laid the groundwork for her acute business acumen. The transition from a family business to corporate structures and eventually to the Keeling's Wholesale division showcased her talent for leadership and her passion for talent development.

“My personal journey through the challenges of life, coupled with an enduring interest in human behaviour, led me to explore the depths of nutritional therapy and the neuroscience of the autonomic nervous system. This exploration was not purely academic; it was a practical quest to unlock the potential within, to transform daily survival into thriving success.” Richella shares.

Armed with this knowledge and a desire to fill the gaps she identified in the professional coaching she encountered, Richella embarked on further studies, eventually meeting her like-minded business partner, Pheona. Together, they took the brave step of establishing SBS, drawing on their commercial wisdom and business acumen to set about redefining the landscape of professional coaching education.

A Revolutionary Approach

“At the heart of Sandown Business School's philosophy is a revolutionary approach to coaching that transcends traditional methods. SBS’s strategy is not merely about ticking boxes or moving through motions; it's about fostering a transformational change from within. This change is not confined to what individuals do but extends to who they are—altering the 'being' to inspire genuine, long-lasting transformation. SBS leverages a systemic biological transformation that encourages individuals to 'be' more rather than just 'do' more. It's a whole-system approach where quality decision-making, energy regulation, and internal trigger management converge to create professionals who are resilient, creative, and grounded in a reward-based, not threat-based, state of being.”

The foresight of SBS to position itself in the burgeoning €20B+ professional coaching industry is evident. With an estimated 93,000 certified coaches globally by the end of 2023, SBS stands out for its standard of accreditation and internationally traded services. Unlike many traditional training entities, SBS offers science-based, academically rigorous programmes that boast triple accreditation—a testament to their unparalleled quality and efficacy.

 This distinction in the market is no accident. Prior to the company's inception, a year of meticulous planning and self-funded effort by the directors ensured a suite of courses that were not just comprehensive but exemplary. The result is a curriculum that offers Practitioner, Advanced and Master Diploma courses, each fully accredited by the ICF, EMCC, and AC—three of the most trusted and recognised global professional coaching associations.


Challenges and Triumphs

The early days of SBS were marked by commitment and determination. The company's foundations were laid with the personal savings of the directors, reflecting their confidence in their vision. It wasn't until January 2023 that they drew their first salary, underscoring a policy of reinvesting profits to nurture steady growth. This strategy has proven successful, as evidenced by the school's current revenue position and the lifetime value of each customer, from students to professionals.

The hard work and success of SBS have not gone unnoticed. Recognition from the top global coaching associations has affirmed SBS as the benchmark for quality in the industry.

Rising Star Award

Sandown Business School is the winner of the LEO Dublin City Women in Business Network Rising Star Award 2023.

“Engagement with the LEO Dublin City Women in Business Network community and accolades such as the “Rising Star Award” illustrate the school's commitment to community and excellence. These achievements, along with the pursuit of a Business Expansion Grant for 2024, underscore the support and validation from the community.”

LEO Supports

In 2023, Sandown Business School was successful in their application for the Business Expansion Grant. They are also a member of the LEO Dublin City Women in Business Network and have attended some of LEO DC’s training webinars such as “Navigating Recruitment & Retention for Employers”

"Take advantage of all the supports available through your Local LEO, the learning journey in even applying for the grants is worth its weight in gold and everyone is on your side to succeed."

Stand Out Moment

When Richella Boggan reflects on the development of Sandown Business School, a surge of positive memories floods in, tempered with the knowledge of the challenges that come with any venture. The partnership between Richella and Pheona is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision, serving as a grounding force through the ebb and flow of business life.

 “Owning and growing SBS is more than a business endeavour; it's a privilege that carries with it the promise of creating a legacy—a legacy that will redefine professional coaching and empower individuals to reach their full potential.”

2024 & Beyond

Looking forward, SBS is dedicated to becoming the premier educational provider for aspiring professional coaches and businesses seeking to enhance their managerial and leadership coaching capabilities. The vision extends to supporting coaches throughout their careers, ensuring they remain vital and adaptable in any market niche.

 However, the journey to scaling a global business is not without its hurdles. The challenge for SBS is to outpace the very achievements that have brought it this far, embracing an emergent mindset that thrives on exploration and continuous improvement. As an internationally traded service, SBS is poised to capture a significant share of the global coaching market, even with a limited budget.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs 

"Your mindset had to be nurtured everyday by deliberately connecting to your big ‘WHY’, it is easy to get distracted and disconnected from the underlying reason you are in the business you are in. Find a way to consciously connect to your why at least daily.

Being an ‘Entrepreneur’ means you will always be walking the line between faith and fear. The fear part happens on its own however the faith part needs work. Challenge yourself to find evidence and fact that supports progress and momentum every day, even if it just that you actual made that one extra call or that you showed up when you really did not want to. Bank your successes and notice that there are always external trends that you need to be mindful of and be prepared to pivot the business offer, products or services if need be."

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